Simply Living – Penny Pinching Pancakes!

Another recipe post. Yippee! And a simple living recipe at that! (You can access other Simple Living recipes here).

Over in America i believe these are called ‘pancakes’, they are otherwise known in the UK as ‘Dropped Scones’, though their American name has infiltrated the ready made packs in the supermarket.

I love to make these up in batches and then bag them and freeze them, if the kids want them for breakfast the next morning i take them from the freezer and when they have defrosted over night, i toast them, and the kids have them with butter and syrup for breakfast. (Or they can be toasted from frozen if heated through thoroughly)


One of the reasons that i have only recently begun to make these is that i only just became the happy owner of a fabulous tabletop griddle/grill. It was one of the most thoughtful Christmas presents i have ever recieved. It needs only the tiniest amount of oil and literally wipes clean after even the most mamoth fry up of bacon and eggs.

That’s my kind of cleaning!


So, here’s the recipe for the scrummiest pancakes/dropped scones ever (in my nsho).


4 ounces of self raising flour

2 ounces sugar

1 medium egg

15 mls of milk or cream

pinch of salt

*lemon essence can be added, but is optional, as are dried fruits  – but I especially like adding a handful of chopped cherries to the batter*



In a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, salt.

Add egg.

Gradually mix in enough milk to make a thick batter.

Add dried fruit  (or chocolate chunks – hush my mouth) if liked.

Pour ladels/spoonfuls of mixture on to a griddle pan or table top grill, like this…


When the pancakes start to bubble all over, quickly flip them over on to the other side… this bit can be tricky…i eat the evidence of the messy pancakes when no one else is in the kitchen…hot buttery FAIL pancakes…yum!


Cook for a minute or two and then tuck in!



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7 Responses to Simply Living – Penny Pinching Pancakes!

  1. to make them “real” american pancakes (or at least this is what most american kids think!) add some chocolate chips to the batter. (i refuse to do it, but once in a while, my kids go to sleepovers and get this treat from their hosts.)

    …. and this reminds me of my kids’ favorite commercial ( from the Superbowl (and of course there is the remix

    I am wishing for a griddle like yours.

    • ukok says:


      I have added choc chips before now and the kids have also smeared chocolate spread over them when they are hot! I don’t let them have that very regularly though.

      That video was hilarious, we don’t have adverts like that over here, i might watch more telly if we did LOL!

      I was really fortunate to reciee the griddle thing. I’d been admiring my parents one for ages and it was a fab Christmas morning surprise to get one of my own 🙂

  2. Gabrielle says:

    They look so yummy. May I confess, I don’t think I’ve ever made pancakes from scratch. I use the mix in the box, but since I still crack the eggs and pour the milk, I feel like I’m at least contributing something. 🙂

  3. Alexa says:

    those look great, Deb! I’m wondering if you pronounce “scones” with a long “o” or a short “o”? Canadians tend to say “scones” as in “gone” (or “sc-awns”) whereas I would pronounce it “sc-oh-ns”…if we even had such a word in the U.S! LOL.

  4. Holly says:

    Here in Australia we call these pikelets to distinguish them from the big, thin pancakes.

    • ukok says:

      Holly, funnily enough here we have dropped scones, scones, pikelets and oatcakes (the latter of which we put melted cheese in and roll up and eat hot). The difference between these, what i would call dropped scones/pancakes is that they generally don;t have the bubbles in but are flat on both sides (though they do bublle as part of the cooking process – but when i turn them over the bubbles flatten).

      Pikelets here are enerally about twice as large, a bit thicker and they have raisins in them. They are served here with butter and they are really yummy!


      It’s a bit of a standing joke here….with the commoners amongst us (including myself) generally sniggering at those who call them ‘scones’ (pronounced s-gone-s) as being Hyacinth Bouquet wannabees!

  5. Tim J. says:

    Them be pancakes, alright. Yum. Here in the States, of course, we normally slather them with butter and then drown them in maple syrup. Some people prefer jam, though, with whipped cream or some such.

    Blueberries, as well as chocolate chips, are popular mixed in the batter.

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