Free Printable Catholic Prayer Cards/Bookmarks – The Immaculate Heart of Mary

This set of prayer cards depicts an image of, and prayer to, The Immaculate Heart of Mary.  All my prayer cards are for non profit, non commercial use only. Freely I give, and so should you.

Please print them off and use them freely  in your CCD/Catechism classes, RCIA or just print them off and maybe even laminate them to give as gifts! A fun idea if you are giving a Bible or other book as a gift, is to enclose a prayer card with it that can be used as a book mark and then it will be seen more often and hopefully the prayer on it will be prayed more often 🙂

Please let me know in the combox the kind of prayer cards you would find useful/beneficial (if you can be specific that would help me enormously). To download these prayer cards go to my free prayer cards page or click on the image below to take you there. I’m so glad about how these turned out, i hope you will enjoy them!

Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Cards/Bookmarks

Immaculate Heart of Mary Prayer Cards

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8 Responses to Free Printable Catholic Prayer Cards/Bookmarks – The Immaculate Heart of Mary

  1. Dolorosa says:

    Thanks for sharing all these beautiful prayer
    cards and book marks. Please consider joing us in the Rosary Crusade. For more information visit:

  2. Romy says:

    Hi, I lost contents of this page. Earlier I saw other prayer cards – Guadalupe, but lot it, any way I can get it back?

    I just love this website.

    I send rosary kits to various prisons and this would help me a lot, i.e., cost of buying holy cards that I send.

    thank you.

  3. john herrera says:

    free prayer cards

  4. June Wainaina says:

    Thanks very much! My church, Holy Trinity in Mlimani, Nakuru in beautiful sunny Kenya, has a fundraiser coming up and these will sure come in handy. God bless you mightily 🙂

  5. Lu Carrigan says:

    Looking for resources to help teach my 3rd grade CCD class about prayer, I discovered this site. What a true, true blessing! Thank you so very, very much!!

  6. Hi! Thank you for sharing these free prayer cards! I will be inserting them as a free gift for our parish fundraiser bake sale this weekend. I am grateful to you for your generosity! God bless you and your family! 🙂

  7. doris boes says:


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