Have You seen Cheesus lately?

I have.

And oh heck did he make me laugh…i want to say ‘only in America’ …but i don’t want to alientate 50% of my readership, so i will just say nuttin, nuttin, nuttin…

I love all my readers and i’m sure none of you would stick a ‘cheeto Cheesus’on your lounge display shelves or in your place of worship, would you?

Ok. There’s something else.

Now you know, i wasn’t going to say anything but….am i the only one who thinks there is a striking resemblance between the champion of the Cheeto Cheesus and Jimmy Akin ? (The guy in the vid, not the cheeto!)

Now i have never met Jimmy Akin in person, so i can’t swear to it being him, but yup, they look a lot alike to me. It’s a sad day for Catholic Apologetics, that’s what it is.

He may well be envious of Mark Shea’s acting career taking off of late, but really Jimmy, cheetos ain’t the way to go, man.

Got to laugh.

(tongue placed very firmly in cheek…. please don’t shoot me, i’m a pacifist).

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8 Responses to Have You seen Cheesus lately?

  1. Okay, I’ll say it. I’m an American:

    Only in America!!

    LOL: Lt Dan!

  2. Julie says:

    It’s LIEUTENANT DAN! ROFL! I don’t think it looks like Jesus.

    And as an American, I’ll say it, too: Only in America!

  3. mum6kids says:

    ROFL! And no surely not a Jimmy Akin lookalike. Maybe there’s a Jimmy Cheeso out there….

    • ukok says:

      Shell, just to clarify, i mean the man in the video reminded me of the Catholic apologist, not the cheesus 🙂

      I hope no one thinks i was being nasty about JA!

  4. Therese says:

    lol. I think there was something here about Jesus on a vegemite sandwich so it happens in Australia too.

  5. Sarah says:

    oh, bloody hell! That they call it Cheesus is even more hilarious! Yes, only in America!

  6. LarryD says:

    That’s pretty funny – although to me the Cheeto looks more like St Ignatius of Loyola.

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