Daily Meditation Medication

From now on i am going to endeavour to post a daily meditation/reflection on the blog. I love it when i come across these on other peoples blogs as it really helps me to remember that the focus of my day should be God…i lose my way so easily, any little reminder to pull my focus back to where it should be, is a good thing.

Since i didn’t post anything to kick off the month of May, i’m going to do a rewind here and post a reflection from yesterday as well as todays reflection. I hope this will be of benefit to your good selves as well as to myself.

1 May
Happy are those who live in the trusting of faith: “They will see God!” (1) How will they see him? Not in a vision but like Mary who, attentive, “kept everything in her heart” (2) and saw God with her inward eye.
1. Matthew 5:8
2. Luke 2:19, 51
2 May
God of all eternity, you know that human language is almost incapable of expressing the longing for a communion with you. But you grant us the gift of your invisible presence. And the sun rises on a new day, a day of trusting.
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