Daily Meditation Medication

May 3rd

Final Act of Consecration to Our Lady (to be prayed after mass)

Blessed Mother Mary, I consecrate to you this Blessed Sacrament that I have received, I consecrate to you all the sacraments that I have received in my entire life, I consecrate to you all the Love that I have received from God, I consecrate to you all the Love that I feel for God. I consecrate to you all the Words that I have received from Him and from You.

I consecrate to you my entire existence. I am all yours.
Please allow me to come to worship my God in your Immaculate Heart, the Living and Glorious temple of the Divinity, the Ark of the Covenant.

Please pray to the Lord, that He will always find me worthy to be at his feet and to listen to Him. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us sinners who have recourse to Thee.

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4 Responses to Daily Meditation Medication

  1. Carol says:

    Just curious –to whom is this attributed?

    • ukok says:

      As with most Catholic Prayers, Carol, their entry into the ‘realm of Catholic Prayer’ is rooted in the mind and passed on through families etc. I will try to track down the originator though. Where i can find a source i do provide that source as in the first couple of meditations, and henceforth where possible.

  2. Carol says:

    Well, the word “consecration” and the phrase “to be prayed after Mass” gives it an authority it doesn’t have, Deb. And it’s pretty much not Catholic theology in spots. (You don’t have to publish this.) When folks have a public Catholic blog, it’s better to stick to what Rome okays.

  3. ukok says:

    I understand. Here is a link to a site which has the prayer online.

    Are they questionable? Perhaps you should contact them too, highlighting your concerns?


    What specifically do you think is not theologically Catholic in the above prayer?

    Thanks Carol 🙂

    p.s., if i have posted in error then it is charitable of you to point that out to me as i would not want to lead others into error. So i’m not having a dig, but i would like you to explain so that i can understand.

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