Brothers in Arms

I had a visit from my brother and his girlfriend yesterday, we don’t get to see one another very often because he doesn’t live around here and his work commitments keep him busy, but it was so good to catch up and have a good natter. He was gone all too soon, and i had so intended to give him his ‘Grace Under Pressure ‘ video back which i must have had for about 15 years…LOL!

Anyway we were chatting away and it went out of my head so i guess i get to hang on to it for another 15 years maybe?

I was just over at Shell’s blog reading her latest post and i noticed Becomewhatyouare had commented also, mentioning Rush, and it made me think of yesterday and of days gone by…

Me and my brother went to see Rush when they played the Signals tour at the NEC in Birmingham about 25 years ago…my brother had kind of brainwashed me ‘into’ Rush because i swear that it was all he ever listened to …well, Rush and ELO and Queen…et al…but my bro went through a pretty manic Rush phase when he was about 17/18 and me being 3 years his junior and being obsessed with all things music, especially rock music, it wasn’t at all difficult for me to develop a real crush on all three members of the band and the music was to my mind both intelligent and thought provoking, with some pretty durned amazing burn-in-the-brain lyrics and melodies.

Anyway, the concert was absolutely brilliant. I knew all the words to every song. What a great feeling that was…especially when these days i can’t even sing the Gloria all the way through without reading the words at the same time. Talk about brain fog!

Ah, the good old days of having a memory.

Here are a few  (ok, lots more than a few) Youtubes of some of my favourite Rush songs.

I think that Rush are like Marmite, you either love them or you hate them. I happen to love ’em.

I like marmite too.

I think 2112 was quite possibly the first Rush album i bought, it still gives me chills just listening to the title song 2112 overture/temples of syrinx…

I soon discovered their earlier material was just absolutely fantastic. Fly by night for example…

and Finding my Way (Warning: Wild hair alert. Love Geddy Lee’s Mullet in this vid)


and then there’s the magnificent Closer to the Heart and their later stuff

The Spirit of Radio

Tom Sawyer

New World Man

The Weapon

La Villa Strangiato

I love this! The Trees….me and my bro used to sing it one line for him one for me. Crazy.


Red Barchetta


Bastille Day

Oh my goodness. What fun. Tell me then, do you love ’em or hate ’em?

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