Daily Meditation Medication

In 2006 I posted this ‘letter’ i wrote to Mary, Mother of God and Mother of mine (this time around i just tweaked the second to last line), and i thought it would be timely to share it again since Mother’s Day is being celebrated today (though not here in England. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago).

A Love letter to My Mother

Mother most holy, help me to follow
In all of your ways, for all my tomorrows
When weary or worried from all of life’s cares
Intercede for me through your most blessed prayers
Mother most merciful, watch over me
And when from straighter paths I flee
Guide me with your motherly love
And pray for me to the Lord above
Mother most amiable, with loving care
Tend the wounds of my despair
When my hope seems to have faded
And my life is all but jaded
Share with me too, in times of gladness
When departed is my sadness
Rejoice with me as with great pleasure
I count my blessings beyond measure
And when the springtime of youth has passed
The summer and autumn gone too fast
And winter time draws ever near
In the closing of those twilight years
My final journey I shall make
And from my deathly slumber wake
To greet the Mother I have loved
The Virgin Mary, most beloved
Then I shall gaze upon your face
And feel the warmth of your embrace
And my hand you’ll take in yours
Leading me to whom your heart adores
To the one from whom all graces flow,
Just as you did on earth below


Debbie Scalise

Happy Mothers to all Mothers everywhere!

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