Free Pro-Life Prayer Cards

I’m sure that prayers for the helpless unborn are never far from any of our hearts. With this in mind i created a couple of prayer cards that are specifically pro-life, this post features one of the prayer cards i have created. I’ll post others in time.

Have a think…can you print these off and hand them out at pro-life rallies, at abortion mills etc? Perhaps, with the permission of your parish priest, you could make them freely available at your parish/church?

We must continue to pray for the unborn, and for the mothers of the helpless unborn, that they accept that life begins at the moment of conception and not at birth, and that they recognise that abortion is the deliberate act of murder, of a human being, flesh of their own flesh.

Click the image below to go to my free prayer cards/bookmarks page….and get printing!

Prayer Cards, for the Unborn

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5 Responses to Free Pro-Life Prayer Cards

  1. pontesisto says:

    Debs, you really are becoming the leading place for downloadable prayercards! 🙂 Had you thought about placing a “donate” button to help cover your time and costs?

    • ukok says:

      Bless you, dear Phil!

      I haven’t thought about having a donate button on the blog, but i don’t think i would feel comfortable with that really. Bless you for your post about the prayer cards and your lovely comment though:-)

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  3. Thank you for these. I printed some this morning and left them at church after our pro-life Franciscan Crown rosary.

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