Free Christmas Scrapbook and Card Making Papers

I just know you will all be slapping your heads and doing a double take of disbelief here but yes…. these really are Christmas Scrapbook and Card Making papers i am making available, in May!

Unless you are a serious crafter yourselves, you probably won’t appreciate these being posted this early, but serious crafters start making Christmas cards early on in the year, believe it or not….afterall, some crafters actually get ‘orders’ to make as many as 100 Christmas cards or more. I couldn’t handle that, but good on those who can.

Posting these now may just come in useful for crafters who like to get a head start on crafting Christmas cards for this year. Another use for these papers is to use it to make great inexpensive gift wrap for small prezzies!

Click any image to go to my Free Scrapbook and Card Making Papers page where you can download these for free.

Candy cane on green background

Candy cane on red background

Christmas stocking on Green background paper proper

Christmas stocking on red background paper

Christmas tree paper green

gold star paper on green

gold star paper on red

Happy Christmas green

Happy Christmas red

holly on green background paper

holly on red  background paper


merry christmas

merry christmas red

nativity 2

nativity paper 1

Peace paper

Peace Paper small

Santa hat on green background paper

Santa hat on red background paper

small candy canes on green background

small candy canes on red background

small christmas tree

small christmas tree 2

small holly on red background

Small santa hats on green backgroun

Small santa hats on red background

small stockings on green background

small stockings on red background

Snowflake 5

snowflake 6

Snowflake paper 1

Snowflake paper 2

Snowflake paper 3

snowflake paper 4

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4 Responses to Free Christmas Scrapbook and Card Making Papers

  1. mum6kids says:

    DEB! CHRISTMAS!! Okay, they’re lovely but I am not ready for the end of Summer term yet, and you just put up CHristmas stuff!
    Thank you -they are great.
    God bless 😉

    • ukok says:

      I’m not ready for Christmas either! It was very wierd creating these, but i know lots of crafters get satrted on their Christmas cards in June. I only make cards that wil be given from me and i don;t make Christmas cards for anyone else, but some crafters get orders and work on the cards throughout the year!

      God Bless you!

  2. These are great. I’ll definately be using these.

  3. amy says:

    hi, I think this is a great idea. I am searching for candy cane type paper, with the red, white and green. Do you have any of that or do you know where i can find it? Thanks

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