A Reader Asks…


i am looking for some specific info on
Carmelites. my sister is thinking of joining. i would like to be very supportive. any insight would be great.

thanks – laura

Blog buddies, if you have any info on the Carmelites, please post it, with any accompanying links, in the combox below this post.I will be busy today and your knowledge may be of more use to Laura than my own hurried response.


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3 Responses to A Reader Asks…

  1. Audrey says:

    Hi Deb! Long time, hope you’re doing fine!
    I met the local Carmelites here in Malaysia, and I know quite a lot about them (as I was discerning too a year or two ago), but I’m not sure if the local community has the same/similar practices compared to those in other countries.

    I would advise Laura’s sister to ask around and find out more about the other communities first before making up her mind to join. The Carmelites actually allow interested girls to have a stay-in with them.

    I would recommend this site:
    http://holyvocations.blogspot.com/ There are a whole list of religious communities if she would like to find out more.

    Thank you.

  2. ukok says:

    Bitte and Audrey, thanks so much for providing the links and the info!

    Audrey, long time no see indeed. I do think of you and remember you in my prayers though 🙂

    I pray you are well.

    God Bless You!

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