Baby Faith Hope has gone to Heaven

Please pray for Myah at this sad time.

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8 Responses to Baby Faith Hope has gone to Heaven

  1. Cathy says:

    Indeed I am! Thank you! Cathy

  2. With my prayers and sympathy to her family.

  3. pontesisto says:

    Many prayers for baby Faith and her family.

    Debs, your blog has become a wonderful place of intercession. It’s a wonderful extension of the Domestic Church into the blogosphere.

  4. includao says:

    This woman, this case, is a severe example of psychosis. A severe case of mental illness caused by fear, ignorance and an extreme belief system made by cognitive dissonance. It’s mothers like her who destroy our society, treating their child as a meaningful way to escape their miserable life, condemning the child individuality to their will, power, desires, in exchange of meaning and everyday motivation in their life. People like you make me sick. The ultimate egoistic attitude disguised as altruistic impulse, with the whole miserable dependence structure that bonds a mentally ill mother to a organism without consciousness/brain. We must care for all the life, even vegetables. But, NO BRAIN = PRIMARY FUNCTIONS. No thought, no time, no existence. No actual feelings. At best, it COULD be in severe pain as a reflex of certain nocireceptors who could into a certain extend interpret pain, as a primitive qualia of experience.

    • Sandy says:

      Includoo, people like you, pro-abortion and pro-euthanasia, scream and holler advocating for the mother’s right to choose because it’s no one’s business to tell the mother what she can and cannot do with her body and with the fetus inside her womb. Using the same logic, Myah, Baby Faith Hope’s mother, was just exercising her right to choose what she wanted to do with her body and with the fetus in her womb; as such her decision or choice to bring her baby to term was no one else’s business but her own. It just goes to show, pro-abortion/euthanasia sympathizers are not only illogical but are big-time hypocritics!!! Need I say more?

      P.S. It’s also obvious, includoo, you have no clue about the actual definitions of the psychological terms you thrown around in post, like so much confetti. Stop your psycho-babble; it just shows your ignorance.

  5. Ukok says:


    Your comment disgusts me. This brave young mother, a single parent, carried her baby to full term because she believes in the dignity and sanctity of life of her baby.

    Every human begins life at the very moment of conception. Whether the being is healthy or not is absolutely irrelevant. God doesn’t make mistakes. Every baby, whether with disabilities or without, has a right to life. NO ONE has the right to take the life of another human being.

    The very fact that babies have no voice to speak for themselves mean that WE must speak for them.

    Isn’t it ironic that the only people who ever whine aboutpro life issues, are people who have already been born themselves.

    Would you walk up to a disabled individual and tell them to their face they shouldn’t have been born?

    I doubt it.

    So what gives you the right to say that a babies life should be terminated.

    Even if a baby lives for only hours or days, they have had the opportunity to live, to have medical care., to love and be loved.

    Who are you to say that a short life isn’t worth living? Some people who live longer lives live as haters and defilers and offenders of the law and with a total disregard for their fellow man.

    How dare you.

  6. Ducky says:


    While I am not pro abortion, I firmly agree with you that this mother was, to put it plainly, completely bent. She’s all “ZOMG JEEZUS” and yet having a child out of wedlock? If she had had the child naturally, vaginally, the child wouldn’t have survived, wouldn’t have *suffered* like she did.

    If Baby Faith did, in fact, feel anything, it was extreme pain. How is that godly? How is that what Jesus would have wanted?

    And her attitude on Organ donation? Granted, babies like faith *can’t* donate their orgains (they don’t have enough brain tissue to be considered “brain dead”), but it seems as if she didn’t even get that far. This was HER baby doll, everyone should be praying for HER baby, HER hope, HER situation. What, Jesus only loved her messed up baby? God, in all his wisdom, would not and could not, I dunno, have a baby born messed up to save the life of another child. He apparently doesn’t plan things like that.

    And now, apparently, she’s suing people for using their right to free speech? What the heck lady, You’re a *BLOGGER*, aren’t you supposed to be on the free speech train? Or is it only free speech for HER blog, like it’s only hope for HER baby?

    This woman just wanted attention. I hope she never pro-creates again.

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