I’ve just spent the afternoon trawling Political Party websites, reading policies and manifestos and i am more confused than i was before i started. At this point in time i have absolutely no idea who i will vote for in the Election for the European Parliament.

I believe that i have a duty to vote in every election and that if i don’t vote either in General Elections or Local Elections etc, then i have no right whatsoever to complain about the policies and poor moral standing of any party that my absentee vote assists in electing.

But goodness me, this is hard going. As a person with a faith based system of morals and wanting to put my ‘X’ in the right box at this election, how do i do that when no one party available for me to elect, follows my own pro-life beliefs .

I just about managed to find a political party or two that i could agree with on many of their policies, but then they let me down with their pro-choice drivel policies.

But perhaps that’s all a person can do?

To vote for the election of the party that most closely conforms to ones own beliefs, even if their policies on moral issues leave a lot to be desired?

It’s kind of like electing the best of a bad bunch though isn’t it?

What say you?

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  1. mum6kids says:

    Same here. What a shambles. I was thinking of voting UKIP as they have been the ONLY people to openly support home education against the government review. However it seems The Christian Party is standing in Birmingham and so I thought I might vote for them; they are pro-life apparently (at least their little video says so).
    Still not sure-but I can’t face the three main parties; what a shower! Then there’s the Greens (hug and tree and kill a baby) oh and of course the ever lovely BNP.
    Ye gods is this really all we can manage in politics these days?

    • ukok says:

      I looked into Ukip too. From what i read it seems that they have no definitive policies on moral issues. I trawled their website and didn’t come up with any cut and dried policies but found quite a number of forum discussions, of which this is one….

      I read this on the Christian Party website….

      “Our objective is for the European Union to develop a new caring, pro-life ethic that will embrace an end to all forms of violence, whether wars, gun crime, domestic violence, the abuse of children, the violence of abortionism, cloning and embryo experimentation, sexual exploitation of women, people trafficking, slavery or cruelty to animals.”

      It is my understanding that the Christian Party is an joining together of The Christian Peoples Alliance and the Christian Party. The Former is led by a chap named Alan Craig and the latte is led by Rev. George.

      Interestingly, i discovered that Alan Craig has a blog and he wrote the followin post, which i found very encouraging as he writes in support of pro life, of Anne Widdecombe and David Alton…

      I’m certainly warming to them 🙂

  2. Rita says:

    I think it boils down for voting for a candidate and not a party. Many candidates do not hold their party’s line on emotive key issues. How well could you actively engage in meaningful dialogue with the MP/MEP once they are elected? How sympathetic are they to the things that really matter? How well will they serve you and your community?

    It is all a bit of a mess, but it has been since the 1970s and the breakdown of consensus politics. We all seem to be taking a while to wake up to the fact that the current system is a sham. Perhaps this is a sign of hope in the future.

    • ukok says:

      There are some interesting things you bring up in this comment, Rita.

      I think the problem with voting for an individual candidate is that when, for example i look at my postal voting paper i have up to 6 names for each of the 12 different parties on there and i don’t know any of the people, the names are not familiar to me and it would take hours, days even, to investigate every individual.

      In addition to this candidates so often tow the party line that it would be nigh on impossible to determine an individual who stands for a party which is pro choice, but who personally is pro life.

      You’re right that it is a mess.

      I believe the general public have lost faith in all political parties full stop. There’s so much scandal and abuse of the political system for politicians gain, whether monetary/personal/whatever, that it is going to be a long time before voters shake off the lethargy that we have as a nation, with regard to voting.

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