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As i wrote in the combox of THIS post, The Christian Party are looking ever more appealing…the following quote was lifted from their website…

I read this on the Christian Party websites ‘manifesto’ link….

“Our objective is for the European Union to develop a new caring, pro-life ethic that will embrace an end to all forms of violence, whether wars, gun crime, domestic violence, the abuse of children, the violence of abortionism, cloning and embryo experimentation, sexual exploitation of women, people trafficking, slavery or cruelty to animals.”

As i also wrote in the other combox…

It is my understanding that the Christian Party is a joining together of The Christian Peoples Alliance and the Christian Party. The Former is led by a chap named Alan Craig and the latter is led by Rev. George Hargreaves.

Interestingly, i discovered that Alan Craig has a blog and he wrote the following post, which i found very encouraging as he writes in support of pro life matters, and of Catholic speakers Anne Widdecombe and David Alton…

I’m certainly warming to them 🙂

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