Wuthering here and wuthering there…

This evening we watched the most depressing film in the world. Wuthering Heights. I kept expecting it to get less depressing but it didn’t happen. After struggling to read the book earlier this year i  thought the film would help things fall in to place for me where the book had failed to do so. But that didn’t happen.

What a miserable sod Heathcliff is.

He was a detestable enough wretch to read about in the book but Ralph Fiennes portrayal of the unlikeable character in the film, garnered no affection from me.

I should so have checked out Youtube for some Michael Mcintyre sketches. This guy is hilarious. My kind of humour. Might not be yours. There may be a few naughty words in these clips, be forewarned …

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4 Responses to Wuthering here and wuthering there…

  1. mum6kids says:

    LOL! I’ve been looking for books for dd to read for her next year in Home ed. I actually told her NOT to touch Wuthering Heights with a barge pole.
    It’s strictly for emos. I hated it!

  2. Rita says:

    What is it with the Bronte male characters? Mr Rochester in Jane Eyre isn’t much better. If I’d married him, I’d probably be screaming and dribbling my life away in some attic right now.

    LOL about “strictly for emos”!

  3. In the 1930s David Niven got the unenviable task of playing Heathcliff. David had an “inside joke.” In each of his films he tries to work in the word “Trubshaw” — an old army friend of his. If you watch the 30s version, there’s a scene with David as Heathcliff — and in the aftermath of a serious scene the dog jumps up, and Niven can be heard to say “Down, Trubshaw.” [I too find WH depressing, ditto any Emily Bronte. Don’t get that woman!]

  4. Scotty says:

    Totally love, love, love Wuthering Heights!!! Mind you, I was an emo about 25 years before they were invented! Seem to remember a strange teenage obsession with wandering round graveyards….

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