Memo to self…

Memo to self and anyone else who is reading…

  • Medication is wiping me out and on a couple of nights this past week i have gone to bed before the children.
  • Wondergirl has been in a highly emotional and fraught state due to mammoth amount of pressure she has put on herself to revise for up to 8 hours each day, in preparation for  her A level examinations last week and this week. Ha! As i type this Wondergirl has just left a message on my mobile phone to say this mornings exam ‘went okay’ and that she wrote ’12 pages’ of A4.
  • As a Mum of two kids aged 17 and 13, is it okay to say i am still on a learning curve when it comes to this thing called mothering? I believe it should be compulsory for school children to undertake ‘basic parental training programmes’ …because NOTHING. No books. No magazines. No TV shows. No NOTHING. Can prepare a person for parenthood.
  • Have spent the weekend away from the internet. Just nipped on for a couple of minutes yesterday to change the template as it would seem that the page didn’t load  properly for everyone (including my Mum) when i had the other template. Hope it is fixed  now.
  • I have received emails/comments over past few days but have been unable to respond to them, i just want to say that i will get back to everyone during the next day or so.
  • I mowed and strimmed the 3 foot high jungle called ‘my back garden’. I intensely dislike gardening. I want to like it, i just don’t. However, the time passed more swiflty with the recitation of the Chaplet of Divine Mercy.
  • I am reading a book about St. Katherine Drexel. I got to a part last night  that struck me….it read something like this ‘Kate is always at one extreme or the other, she is either incredibly happy or very introverted and dismayed by all her efforts’…reading this i  immediately went in to Wondergirl’s bedroom and read it to her. She knew why. It was as if the author wrote about my girl.
  • I bought Wonderboy a shaver the other day. He is only 13 but he thinks he needs one. He is hardly the most hursute of teenagers but he has a bit of a hairy upper lip. I wanted to sit down and talk him through how to operate it and how to use the balm i bought him to put on after he shaved. He just took the things from me and said ‘thanks mum’ and disappeared upstairs. A couple of hours later he came down and proudly showed off his fuzz-free face. He is growing up. Even if his general behaviour would  be more befitting in a nursery school.
  • It’s 1 week since my 41st birthday. I usually take my birthday cards down after a week, so i suppose i better do that shortly. 41. It sounds a ‘responsible’ age to be. A ‘mature’ age to be’. Hmmm.
  • We are now on Season 3 of Alias and it is just as addictive as it was a few years ago when we watched it on cable. We don’t have cable now. Don’t miss it either.
  • Wondergirl has successfully refrained from eating animal and animal byproducts, for about 5 weeks now. One day she asked,  ‘how would you feel about my going vegetarian’. …and i answered,  ‘that’s okay with me’. I was veggie myself from 13yrs of age to 26 years of age so i can hardly say i  have a problem with it!  And anyway, I don’t have a problem with it at all.
  • Right. There’s a cup of tea with my name on it, so i’m off to sup and then respond to emails.

Have a good day!

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3 Responses to Memo to self…

  1. Just to let you know there are prayers coming your way! I hope all goes well for your daughter on the rest of her tests.

  2. mimima says:

    Hugs and prayers to Wondergirl and to you. I totally agree, parenting is new and different each age and stage.

  3. mum6kids says:

    Can’t wait for the end of term. Exams over and my own wonderboy will (hopefully) have his sewing done and handed in as well as the other stuff-oil painting and project work.

    On parenting; well my oldest is 20 and I am STILL climbing the learning curve!
    BTw on my wonderboy- I am getting him a shaver for his 18th in August. Poor lad is bum-fluff-boy at the mo.

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