‘I kissed a girl and i liked it’….

To be sung to the tune of ‘i kissed a girl and i like it’…

‘I deleted 269 unread facebook messages today and i liked it”


‘I left 48 facebook groups who bombard me with spam every day, and i liked it’


‘i’m thinking about deleting all non-real-friends/non-blog-friends who i don’t know in one way or another…and i’ll like it’

okay, so the last sentence can’t be sung to the tune of ‘i kissed a girl and i like it’ but i don’t care.

Do i really need 500 facebook friends, many of whom are people i don’t actually know?

Does it validate me to have hundreds of friends i have never so much as even had an msn conversation with?

Is this some kind of popularity contest? Having the most friends (who aren’t really friends) = Mr/Mrs Popular ?

Do i need to know who got it together/broke up with whoever/ bought a vegetable for someone’s cyber vegetable garden/stopped being friends with someone/grant a friend request only to have the person delete me (game player huh. thought so. you should know better) discover that i have 5 secret admirers whose names will be revealed to me if i only click the blahblahblah application button/that someone sent me a dancing mushroom plant gift…

and that whole ‘see who visits your profile page most’ application sucks big time 😉

I’m just saying.

I think i’m f(acebook) (m)axed out.

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22 Responses to ‘I kissed a girl and i liked it’….

  1. Renee says:

    Yeah, I’ve taken Facebook wayy easy. I just got my 50th friend, and most of them are relatives. Some old high school friends I reconnected with, and some are blog friends. I ignore everything but actual messages from my friends. It works for me, but I have the fewest friends of anyone I have come across, and I am ok with that!!

    • ukok says:

      Renee, good for you for keeping the whole thing real. I can;t believe i was stupid enough to not be in the least ‘careful’ about who i allowed to add me as their friend. And i went on a ‘add me as a friend’ rampage too, thinking that it would be a good networking tool. I got rid of 200 i didn’t know and have never heard of, there are about 200 priests i am thinking of deleting, but they need our support so i am not sure it would be a good thing to do to delete them!

  2. pontesisto says:

    LOL! I know the feeling. I can’t believe how barmy I must have been to join so many groups.

  3. Barbara says:

    I know what you mean – but I only have one or two people that I don’t actually count as friends be them in real life or cyberspace.

    Interested to see what you decide…

  4. Alexa says:

    I delted my FB account. Can’t be bothered.

    • ukok says:

      I don’t blame you Alexa. I’ve thought about deleting my account too, but some friends and relatives communicate with me via Facebook because we live far apart etc. I still may delete my profile some day though.

  5. I liked facebook much better before it started showing EVERYONE’s quizzes, and who replied to what other person who I don’t even know, etc.

  6. Owen says:

    The only reason I have an account these days is because of the art group I am a part of and its move to FB.

    I have killed off all those applications by using a fix for Firefox so I never see the, ah-hem, crap any more.

  7. mum6kids says:

    I don’t have many Facebook friends (sob, sniffle) because I tend to only be friends with people who either are friends-through the net or otherwise or who are fellow home ed parents looking for support.
    I use Facebook mainly for the home ed groups.
    It’s a useful tool but there are times when I wonder what all the STUFF is for.
    Enjoy your clear out 🙂

    • ukok says:

      Absolutely…it is ‘stuff’…and it is ‘stuff’ i could live without. I think at first the novelty of some of the FB applications was there, but that sooned turned to annoyance for me….to recieve a smile form someone i didn;t know i had to add the ‘smile application’. And then there was ‘receive a bestest friend’ application and the ‘fish aquariam’ application etc


  8. ukok says:

    I just ‘deleted 200’ people i don’t know and i don’t feel the least bit guilty about it. The remaining ‘friends’ are people i actually know personally or through blogging, or priests throughout the world (i would feel a bit guilty deleting the latter).

  9. Owen says:

    What? You deleted me? Why I oughta…kiss you 😉

    P.S. Is there a FB App for that? Probably!

  10. I deleted my facebook page for blog buddies. My personal facebook page remains with only 20 friends. I deleted 2 of my nieces because I couldn’t stand looking at their drinking party photos anymore.

    • ukok says:

      I know what you mean. I have a friend who i know and who is on FB. I was really quite shocked to see a photo of her with a guy cupping her breasts with his hands. I was totally shocked and it is not at all what i want to see when i log in to facebook.

  11. Hidden One says:

    Death to Facebook. I waste far too much time on it. I’ve crept up to 136 friends… I’d like to delete probably about 50 of them, but that would have social consequences. I’ve already deleted more than 50, I think… Death to Facebook.

  12. Cathy says:

    This was indeed good! I know just how you feel…Have a grand day!

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