Bubblegum for the Brain – 1. Cakes & Ladders

You know when i said that i was going to just try and create something spontaneous and less contrived?

Well i had that blank piece of paper in front of me one minute and a little while later I ended up with this….now then….let’s see  if you can tell what it’s all about…my daughter took one look at it and said ‘i think you have some unresolved issues’.

She may be right. Lol!

I’ll elaborate on what this’ is about in the combox, i just want to see what it ‘says to you’ first.

click to enlarge picture…

the strange cogs of my mind 1

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8 Responses to Bubblegum for the Brain – 1. Cakes & Ladders

  1. Therese says:

    It looks to me like if you get a broken heart, you have to go back to close to the beginning.

    I am also not sure how you go up the ladder to avoid the broken heart.

  2. ukok says:

    Great guess, Therese! I’ll wait to see if there are any more guesses and then i will explain a bit.

  3. Mimi says:

    This is amazing!

  4. ukok says:

    1. Love is a game.
    2. Sometimes it is 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
    3. The lady is a timer. The grains of (red) sand are falling to the bottom….will time run out before she finds her man or he finds her?
    4. Some relationships fail. Some succeed. If they fail, (you were right Therese) then we have to start all over.
    5. If the relationship moves on, then up the ladders the couple will climb…and the key to the heart of fair maiden will have been won.
    6. The lucky guy may propose and she’ll receive a ring (telephone).
    7. And they will become Man and Wi-fi. (Fair maiden has a love for the internet).

  5. Therese says:

    lol. Great picture. I can see it now that it has been explained.

  6. Adrienne says:

    I caught the wi fi reference. I love this picture. So creative and free.

  7. ukok says:

    I should have known that a fellow internet lover like yourself would catch that one, Adrienne 🙂

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