Bubblegum for the Brain – 3. Legless

Who knew that playing around with watercolours could be so very much fun? I haven’t enjoyed myself this much with a set of paints since i was at nursery school!

I get the feeling that i have really started something with the Bubblegum for the Brain Characters…(I don’t know what)…

I give you Mr. Magica. What a clever fellow he is…

Bubblegum for the Brain 3.

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7 Responses to Bubblegum for the Brain – 3. Legless

  1. Tim J. says:

    These are really charming! You have quite a developed and pleasing style.

    Keep having fun with it. It shows!

  2. Owen says:

    It’s just a joy to see you enjoying yourself. I was sitting on the bed drawing my tote bag today and when filling it in with water colour I thought how much it wall felt like being a kid again. I wasn’t even trying to make it “good” or “serious” art, just have fun.

    • ukok says:

      Absolutely! I am having so much fun with this at the moment, i don’t want to over analyze and critique any of it, whereas if i were trying to do some ‘proper’ painting i would be as depressed as hell!

  3. Rosemary says:

    Cute! Makes me want to start drawing or painting.

    • Owen says:

      Rosemary…please, start. Why not begin by drawing some everyday things, some flowers on your table, your toaster, a clock, a chair, a tube of toothpaste, serioulsy, anything that you wouldn’t think important because there are treasures in the every day.

    • ukok says:

      Rosemary, oh i can’t help but echo Owen’s suggestion! I am so pleased that you are feeling like you want to start drawing or painting. Please do. What a great compliment it is to have you leave such a wonderful comment.

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