Bubblegum for the Brain 4. Life is a Balancing Act

This is how i feel every day.  Like i just might fall at any moment.  Life is a balancing act.

Bubblegum for the Brain 4

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11 Responses to Bubblegum for the Brain 4. Life is a Balancing Act

  1. Owen says:

    You are having fun.

  2. Sarah says:

    Great fun, all this painting. I can relate to your words here. Balancing . . . it’s what I am doing since moving here. Yes, Hawaii is beautiful, but it has been a challenge from the start. Just this morning when I woke, I said to God, “I won’t give up on You. I know You have gotten me this far . . . I trust You with all that a I am.”

  3. Suzanne says:

    I am loving all this painting! I’m really getting into art because of you too. You really must thank God for all this…ha ha.. I know you do..just joshing with you. I am so glad your daughter did well. I really felt she would. 🙂

    • ukok says:

      Oh Suz, what a wonderful thing, to say that i have encouraged you to get into art. Wow!
      What a compliment! Are you painting yourself or do you mean you are getting into art appreciation more?

      Whichever is good 🙂

      • Suzanne says:

        Oh, appreciation! I can barely draw a stickman or rolling hills with the sunset rising over them and a tree that looks like a green cloud with red poka dots for apples! ROFL!!! Its true! However, I CAN make rosaries! 😉 That is about as good as my “artistic side” goes. I do sing and play a little on some instruments and so in that way, I am into the musical arts.

        • ukok says:

          You make me giggle with your fun self depracation, but i don’t believe you. People are almost always better at things than they think they are..and anyway, who is to say what is good art and what is bad art? Picasso was an artist, both famous and rich but i like very few of his paintings. if any!

  4. stf says:

    like it 🙂

  5. stf says:

    these boots are made for walking!

    • ukok says:

      They sure are, Lorna!

      Oh the days when i wore sassy black leather knee high boots….nowadays i’m happier in a pair of clogs/flyflots!

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