Bubblegum for the Brain 5. It’s a Match

Bubblegum for the Brain 5. It's a Match

I felt totally gutted when i heard that Nadal would not be defending his title at Wimbledon this year due to health problems. This time last year my daughter was spending a few weeks with my parents in Wales and we were txting one another throughout the final as we both cheered on Nadal through our TV screens. To be sure,  i was quite literally sitting on the edge of my seat watching him and Federer battle it out… i was elated when Nadal won.  And this from a girl (me) who ‘don’t do sports’.

Now, apologies in advance to all Scottish readers, but i just don’t like Andy Murray. After his egotistical  and arrogant antics on the court last year I lost any enthusiasm I had previously, to will him to win. He made himself look foolish in my opinion and as for his  ‘I’m Scottish, not British‘ tagline, I believe he lost a lot of support from anyone south of the scottish border. I notice that now he wants the support of Brits he is saying he never meant it the way it sounded. Whatever.

Seriously, he could have given Mel Gibson a run for his money if they were competing for the role of William Wallace….but for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway. On a lighter note….since Wimbledon has now begun i thought it fitting to play around with my paint set again…this little offering goes entirely against the rules of the game of course, but in the words of one of Catherine Tate’s many characters….am I bovvered?

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6 Responses to Bubblegum for the Brain 5. It’s a Match

  1. Owen says:

    I have no idea who Nadal is, or I didn’t until reading your post – I know, I really am the consumate sports non fan.

    It’s easy to see your little heart people are bringing you a lift and it’s lovely.

    • ukok says:

      they really are bringing me a lift. I am learning some things about myself. One of those things being that art is a form of expression that doesn’t have to fit any niche, any ideas, any pigeon holes, it can just simply ‘be’. It doesn’t have to impress. It can be fun and fizzy and ditzy and not at all serious just as it can be serious and morose and distinctly unfizzy…rather like a flat Coke.

  2. Cathy says:

    You are so talented!!! Have a grand day!

  3. stf says:

    Federer willhave his chance now.Andhe’s a real gentleman 🙂

    • ukok says:

      you are so right about Federer being a gentleman. I was glad he lost last year against Nadal but this year f it is him and Murray in the final i will be rooting for Federer to win….though that might cause some friction in the house as my daughter will be rooting for Murray!

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