Simple Living – Sensational Chicken Stock

I have always made a lot of homemade soups and casseroles for my family and as you know, one of the key ingredients for these is stock. Until recently i would buy stock/stock cubes, but a few months ago i decided to begin making stock from scratch using a chicken carcass. It tastes so much better too!

I either use an oven roasted Chicken carcass or i cut the breasts, thighs and legs from an uncooked chicken and then bag them up for the freezer.   If i do the latter, i usually leave a fair bit of chicken attached to the chicken frame. I do this for a couple of reasons, firstly because I am not very good at getting every bit of raw chicken from the frame and secondly, it adds a great flavour to the stock and oh thirdly, it provides my dog with a enough chicken to feed her for a couple of days. (the beauty of having a small dog).

I’m sure i’m preaching to the choir here as so many of you probably do this already, but for the uninitiated in chicken stock creativity, here’s how i make mine…

1. Place chicken carcass in a large pan.

chicken carcass

2.  Add a variety of herbs, salt, garlic and an onion.

Sensational chicken stock

Sensational Chicken Stock


Sensational Chicken Stock

3. Cover with a kettle full of hot water – i used enough water to make 2 litres of stock – place a lid on the saucepan and simmer on low for about 1.5 hours (or longer  if you want it even more flavourful).

Sensational Chicken Stock

4. When it is done it should be a lovely golden colour.

Sensational Chicken Stock

5. Separate the chicken carcass/ meat from the liquid by draining the liquid through a colander or sieve.

Sensational Chicken Stock

sensational chicken stock

6. How i freeze chicken stock is to take my empty yoghurt pot. Mine holds 1 litre.

Sensational Chicken Stock

7. Insert a strong plastic freezer bag into it.

Sensational Chicken Stock

8.  Pour the liquid into the bag that is inside the container.

Sensational Chicken Stock

9.  When cool tie the bag and place the whole container in the freezer.

Sensational Chicken Stock

10. When Frozen simply slide the bag of frozen stock out of the container and it is then ready to be defrosted as a base for soup, risotto, casserole etc, at a time of my choosing.

Sensational Chicken Stock.

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13 Responses to Simple Living – Sensational Chicken Stock

  1. Dad says:

    SIMPLES !!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I had an idea how to do this, but never have seen it done. I know my mum has done it in the past, but back then, I did not pay attention. And, this wasn’t taught in any of my myriad cooking classes in middle and high school (a seven year span). It’s such a basic “need to know” kind of thing, too. Thank you so much. And, love the pictorial.

  3. royaltlady says:

    I have always done almost the same way you did but I added the stump of the celery, bouquet garny and a slow fire of four hours as taught by a Chinese lady friend. The result? Sumptuous stock . Add salt and potatoes, there we already have chicken soup for broth or noodles. The prolonged slow boiling gives the best taste out of it.

    • ukok says:

      Ooh, i forgot about the celery, royaltlady. That’s a great idea. I’m loving the idea about adding the potatoes too. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Shell says:

    I’m afraid we never get around to freezing ours. We have roast chicken one day and then I make the stock the next – strip the last of the meat from the bones once the stock is made and then add it to the stock with some lentils and spuds and just a little cream-chicken soup for the soul.

    • ukok says:

      Shell, By the next day the flavours would be even more developed so it is probably wiser to make a meal with the stock the next day rather than freezing it!

  5. berenike says:

    I buy “carcasses” from the poultry mini-shop at the market up the road – what’s left once the legs, wings and breast meat have been cut off. They are very very cheap. And then pork or beef bones, or some cheap cut of beef with bone in. Shove it in a big saucepan with carrot, leek, parsnip, celeriac (root), burnt onion halves (roast them to black-edges-at-least on a gas hob or on a dry frying pan), some whole allspice, black pepper, bay leaf/ves. Simmer veeeeeery slowly for ages.

    You can serve this with vermicelli or (Austrian style) with pancakes sliced into ribbons, or liver dumplings (again Austrian style). Or use it for e.g. instant tomato soup (empty in some tomato concentrate), cucumber soup (grate cucumbers-in-brine, and add some of the brine as well – sour cream or not, to taste – eat with potatoes), …

    The vegetables make a great salad – dice them very small, add (also diced) hard-boiled egg, raw apple, cucumber-in-brine, tinned peas (not the mushy kind), and lots of mayonnaise.

    I pick the meat off the chicken carcass and mix it with mayonnaise for sandwiches, ditto the meat of the whatever bone if there is any (and if it doesn’t just end up in my mouth!)

    • ukok says:

      Brilliant idea about mixing the chicken with mayonnaise. I would never have thought of that. Thanks for giving me some ‘food’ for thought, Berenike!

  6. berenike says:

    ps I forgot to say – I make large quanitites, on the grounds that the proportion of heat used/heat lost will be better, and it does take a long time to cook. For the same reason I cook several packets of dried beans at once and freeze them in portions – the freezer is, alas, going anyway, and it takes the same length of time to boil three bags of dried beans as it does to boil half a bag.

    • ukok says:

      That’s another brill idea. Cook dried beans and then freeze them. I saw some really good value pulses at Morrisons last week but i didn’t buy them because i thought i would probably forget to soak them he day before…but your way means they could be soaked/boiled and then cooked in a batch and frozen. I like that idea because i really like three bean salad but it is quite pricey, it would be a doddle to make at home if i had a few packs of pulses in! You’ve set me a thinkin’ now…

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