A Lov Lost – a poem

You know how i do the photography thing….and the prayer card thing….and the scrapbook papers thing….and the Bubblegum for the Brain thing? Well i also do the marks on paper thing. I don’t know if there is anything quite as revealing about a person as the written word, especially in the writings of poetry. I lay my soul bare to you.

A love Lost

Would that I could send back the hands of time

And in doing so repair this wretched heart

For it aches with love for one who was once mine

Until death’s veil did fall and we did part.

Where art thou love and doth thou love me still

Or has thy love for me sought to depart,

On love we were once drunk and had our fill

When love’s angel with his arrow pierced our hearts.

I pray that some day we shall meet again

And that throughout the sands of time I’ll find

Your love for me has faithfully remained

Then once again our hearts shall be entwined.

Copyright of ukok

You can hear me recite this poem HERE

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4 Responses to A Lov Lost – a poem

  1. Valerie says:

    Wow. It takes my breath away. You have a gift, Deb. Thank you for sharing.

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