Prayer Cards for Preemies

Sharon left this request in the combox:

Do you have a prayer card for preemies. My grandson, Jack Dayton Fremling, was born at 1#14oz last week at 26 1/2 weeks. He is holding his own – I would love to find some prayers specifically for him.

Please pray for him.”

I’m sure readers will join me in praying for little Jack!

Also, Sharon’s comment prompted me to create some new prayer cards, this time for premature babies. You wouldn’t believe it to look at me but i was a premature baby myself and so was my Dad (you wouldn’t think it to look at him either! LOL!)

Here’s the new prayer card i created that has on it a prayer i wrote especially for premature babies, which i entitled, rather unsurprisingly…. ‘ A Prayer for Preemies’.

Click the image below to go to my prayer card page and download this prayer card sheet.

A Preemie Prayer card

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7 Responses to Prayer Cards for Preemies

  1. caron davis says:

    Thank you for the prayer cards for preemies. My daughter is expecting
    triplets and will no doubt have preemies. I will be giving the prayer
    cards to family members to pray for the babies. You are so great to
    develop these cards.

  2. Kari korpi says:

    The prayer card is beautiful! Thank you for creating and posting it!! I have a 24 week premie fighting and holding his own so far… He weighs in at a whopping 400 grams!!! God is working a miracle !

  3. rebecca says:

    My daughter was born last thursday, at 30 weeks 6 days but sadly passed away 3 hours later, im looking for some prayer cards i can put in to her coffin but i cant find anything. Do you know of any?

  4. Malou says:

    Wonderful prayer card! I gave birth @ 28 weeks..My son’s weight was only 1.22 kgs.He stayed in the NICU for a month and 3 weeks. Thanks God we’re at home now. He’s really a MIRACLE..the most precious gift I ever had..

  5. This is for Cortez Julian Rosales Cobb.
    His mother; Michelle Cobb
    My wish is that this little boy be in everyone prayers and hearts.

  6. N.Morgan says:

    This is a very nice pray, I have a premie nice born laste week. thank you so much for creating this wonderful. all the words that I need are in here.

  7. Pam Jackson says:

    Can I get printed, laminated copies of this premie prayer card?

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