Simple Living – Regifting


Is it the ideal way to get rid of a hideous gift or is it just plain wrong to regift something that has been given to you?

Isn’t regifting just another word for recycling?

Would you mind if you discovered that a gift you had given to someone, had later been regifted to someone else because the original recipient didn’t like it/thought it was hideous/thinks you have zero taste ?

The one thing i know to be true about regifting, is that if you are going to regift an item, you sure as heck better know who gave it to you in the first place…..(i would imagine) there’s nothing worse than handing a present over and the recipient opening it with a mixture of hysteria and faux politeness as they thank you for the gift they originally gave to you 2 years ago.


Do you do it?

Should you do it?

Does it fall into the ‘Simple Living’ category?

Hmm. Yes, i rather think it does.

I tend to give unwanted gifts to charity, to the parish fair etc after a suitable length of time of having them gather dust or shelf space in my home… but unless a gift has special significance and has been chosen and gifted with a lot of thought and love, i don’t think i would mind that something I gifted to one person, was being passed on to another.

Perhaps it’s the timing that’s most important?

Have you ever sat around the table eating Christmas dinner and mentally ticking off who you are going to give your unwanted gift to next Christmas?

What, you have done that too?

But hey, a little tip if you plan on regifting; just remember to take the gift tag off it if it has your name on it, it’s kind of a giveaway y’know 😉

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7 Responses to Simple Living – Regifting

  1. Sarah says:

    regifting . . . here’s what I do when I am given something. It largely depends upon what it is, but generally, I keep things about a long time and then donate to charity. If I were given something that is a keeper and someone were to come over and comment on it and they go on and on asking where I got it etc., I am going to assume they want it . . . so I offer it to them to take. It’s just stuff.

    I do this with many things I have bought for myself . . . it’s okay to pass things along as long as they are in good condition.

    If something is not my taste (this happens so rarely I do not worry about it), I’m always gracious and just pass it on. There is someone out there who will like whatever it is. It also helps that I am a military wife and rarely do family come . . . and when they do they aren’t spying out if I’ve kept what they’ve sent.


  2. Lesley says:

    I wouldn’t mind in the slightest somebody “regifting” something I had given them. What I was offended by was the “friend” returning a gift I had given her because I had given her something similar a few years ago!!


  3. Lesley says:

    Debbie, She returned the gift to me, I wouldn’t have minded in the least if she had returned it to the place it was purchased!


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