Brilliant Bargains Make Me Smile – Simple Living

This post is going to sound like a promotion, but i’m just so pleased when consumerism goes my way, that i just had to post about this.

I joined a catalogue. Not because i will ever make a second purchase from them probably, but because they offer to knock £15 off an order of £25 when you make your first order.

We badly needed some bedding.


I purchased 3 x plain dyed duvet sets for a single bed (valance sheet, duvet cover and 1 pillow case) at £3 each. The colours I chose were linen green, navy and white.

I also ordered a double bed sized box pleat valance sheet in white for £7.

And I also ordered 3 x plain dyed faux silk cushion covers  (each pack has 2 cushion covers in it).

Get this.

The total was £25.

Which was already brilliant considering all the bedding was already reduced by up to 80%.

But then…..using the £15 voucher code ZG109 to get my ‘first order discount’ …. I got the whole lot for £10.

AND I got  free delivery!

Actually, it was all delivered within 2 days of me placing my order. You might be thinking the quality would be crappy for such low prices but you’d be wrong…. I was surprised by the quality, it’s really good!

This offer might be useful for birthday/christmas presents too! Especially with the economy as it is right now.

I’m chuffed to bits.

I don’t know when the voucher code expires so don’t hang about if you want to place an order. I made a beeline for the 80% off section….but there are clothes and toys and household items and what have you. We just happened to be absolutely desperate for bedding!

As i said, i’ll never place another order with them probably, but that is besides the point. It was too good an offer to miss out on and i could never have aforded all of the items at full price.

Oh yeah, and with it being a catalogue, you can spread your payments or if you like you can just pay in one go by using a debit or credit card.

Nuff said.

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One Response to Brilliant Bargains Make Me Smile – Simple Living

  1. Sarah says:

    Wow, at those prices, I would have been willing to pay 100%. Good deals for you and I’m absolutely chuffed for you!! Pictures?

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