More Brilliant Bargains!

You know how i managed to purchase all that bedding for a tenner the other day? Well I needed a new home phone….my old one was faulty and there was this terrible crackle on the line whenever i dialled out or anyone called me. It was seriously annoying.

Well i found another bargain this week, this time on a new house phone…

I saw a home phone at for only £17.12 p….and it should have cost £68.49 at proper price.

Only that price wasn’t for one phone, and it wasn’t for two phones, it was for three phones!!!

Only when i got to the store to collect them….they hadn’t got any left, despite my reserving the item online!

My heart sank…and then the cashier said, ‘so instead, we are going to give you the set of 4 phones instead…is that ok?’

What did she mean ‘is that okay’?

Be still my beating heart.

I smiled and tried not to show how thrilled i was, ‘that will be fine, thank you’ i said.

I can only guess, since i can’t find the quad set on the online store, that the price of the quad phone set must have been about £75.

For DECT phones!

So  not only have i saved one heck of a lot of money and eliminated the problem of  awful crackly telephone syndrome, but this set also has an answerphone facilty. In addition to this, since i only had the one landline phone in the house, i would have to try to get downstairs in time to answer it when it rang with the old phone …..and wouldn’t you just know it, on the ocassions when i had to try to get downstairs  in time to answer it, it was invariably  a cold calling telesales clerk/message.

And i have an ex directory number.!


Anyhows, now i have one phone in my bedroom and one in the kitchen and one in the lounge and no longer have an asthma exacerbation trying to get to the phone before it rings off!


Am i good at finding bargains or am i good?

Here is a pic of the box my phones came in (click to ‘go large’).

4 phones  for £17.12p!!!!

Spying a bargain doesn’t get much better  than that!


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5 Responses to More Brilliant Bargains!

  1. Sarah says:

    Wonderful. Exciting! I wish we’d had that sort of luck when my hubs bought a set of two phones. For some reason he has a sick loyalty to AT&T brand phones. They’re good . . . but not cheap. Of course two is plenty – one upstairs, one downstairs. If I had asthma, four would be so much a blessing.

  2. stf says:

    brilliant Deb, just brilliant 🙂

  3. mum6kids says:

    We have 3- keeps this ol’crip from falling downstairs lol!
    You’re good at this Deb. 🙂

  4. Barbara says:

    Fab bargain Db – the thing that happens in this hous though is the dear teens walk around using a phone and then forget to return them to their “housing unit” so the battery goes dead. Then you can hear a phone ringing but can’t find a phone – which in a three storey house like this, leads to a lot of calls having to go straight on ansaphone.Lol.

    Where the cold calling is concerned, we pay a little extra for caller display and just don’t answer the phone if we don’t recognise the number – they leave a message if it is important – cold callers never do!!

  5. Rosemary says:

    You are good at finding bargains! Woohoo. It’s so nice to have a phone that works! (and extras too:-)

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