Hi there folks,

I just returned from a couple of days in Cheshire visiting my parents as it was my Mum’s 65th Birthday on Thursday. We  got together with one of my uncle’s and an aunt and went out for a nice meal together. Thanks so much to everyone who sent Birthday Wishes for Mum, she had a lovely birthday. May she have many more!


I didn’t have internet access while away and we only got back a couple of hours ago so i have some catching up to do with all sorts of stuff, in cyberspace and in the home. 

Last week I had one of those household purges where i was just so darn sick of all the stuff we have accumulated that I needed to get ruthless with myself and get rid of some. Here is a photo of all the stuff I have set aside to donate to charity…well actually, there is more stuff to be added to the pile…like wonderboys ‘action man’  bike he had when he was about 5 years old..he is 14 now, I don’t know why i held on to it so long…he hasn’t ridden it for about 7 years! Freud would say there are some deep rooted attachment issues most likely….and not with the bike, but not wanting my son to grow up….but I have always disagreed with Freud on quite a lot of things, ever since I took psychology 20 or so years ago and had to read up on him for a paper I had to do.


Anyway, back to ‘stuff’.

 I have used the same pots and pans for about 13 years now and i have just invested in a new set of stainless steel saucepans (at a bargain price of £20) so the old ones can go to charity too….so much stuff…and with our family habit of spending eons in charity shops looking for books we like and bits and pieces…we tend to bring lots of stuff into the house so it seems right to balance things out by having a big purge every once in a while. In fact, i kind of have this little pledge i try to live by…for every new (to me) thing that comes into the house, we must donate one thing to charity. The idea works pretty well for us, though my daughter is a hoarder and left to her nothing would leave the house!

Oh my goodness, she saves everything….i joke with her that when she has her own place she will be like one of those reclusive people who live on their own and collect carrier bags, cats and empty bottles ….like on a programme we once watched together…..i can’t remember what the programme was called, but it was about people who were hoarders…..some of them the tv crew couldn’t even get through the front door because there was piles of stuff right up to the ceiling…..that’ll be my girl if she is not careful. Hoarder that she is!

Bless her.

Today we were out and about and i got one of  ‘those’ moments, mum’s especially have them I think, though many people do….it’s like when the breath catches in your throat and despite everything that is going on around you , regardless of wherever you are, you just need that person who is so special to you, to know that you love them.

“I love you Wondergirl’ I said as we were leaving a shop…”is there any particular reason for telling me that you love me?” she asked…..”no’ I replied, ‘I just want you to know how much I love you”. “Oh, okay”, she said.

Then we went to get a pasty and a slice of pizza for lunch.

I’ll leave you with the photo Wonderboy snapped of Hollie yesterday. Hollie is one of my Mum and Dad’s Yorkshire Terriers…..the top half of her head is missing (in the photo, not in real life!!!), but she is just sooooooooooooo cute anyway, don’t you think?

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!


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