Combox Prayer Request: A concerned Mother writes…

“I pray for my son, Cody who left for his 1st year of college this summer. He called me at 11 o’clock tonight. He was panicking because someone has taken his brand new laptop computer his grandfather a widower gave him as a gift for his high school graduation. He claims someone took it from his room and has no clue where it could be. He will be home in 2 days and leaves again on the 20th for the fall semester. Cody called me because he knows I truly believe in the POWER of prayer and I have been blessed time and time again….miracles are apart of my life! He has seen it happen and so he called me because he wanted to know the patron saint of lost articles. I have shared with him a prayer and I am fasting till he returns home and I will pray a novena to St Anthony for 9 days. He cannot afford to replace it so I pray he recovers it soon! Amen”

Please join me in praying for Cody, his Mother and the person who may have stolen his laptop computer. Let’s also ask for St. Anthony’s intercession !

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