Made for one another

Elena and her hubby, Mr Pete celebrated their 30th Wedding Anniversary this week. Elena writes so beautifully in this  post about her marriage…. not in a sappy kind of way, but in a warts and all kind of way.

That’s kind of what makes it so beautiful.

Okay so this is a vicarious post.

Because it’s highly unlikely i’ll ever celebrate a 30th Wedding Anniversary myself  (since i’m not married…. and i’m knocking on in years!).

Okay, so i am a daydreaming romanticist.

So shoot me!

But go and say ‘congrats’ to Elena and Mr Pete first!

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2 Responses to Made for one another

  1. Alexa says:

    I love Elena’s family, don’t you? There’s just something real about her and her family. They edifiy and inspire me.

  2. Program says:

    Apologize for my bad english, I deem its a nice vent one’s spleen of your writing. Kind-heartedly I organize faced alot of difficulties in this form but your article will definately help me in future. Offer You

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