Daily Meditation Medication

Hiddenness, a Place of Intimacy
Hiddenness is an essential quality of the spiritual life. Solitude, silence, ordinary tasks, being with people without great agendas, sleeping, eating, working, playing … all of that without being different from others, that is the life that Jesus lived and the life he asks us to live. It is in hiddenness that we, like Jesus, can increase “in wisdom, in stature, and in favour with God and with people” (Luke 2:51). It is in hiddenness that we can find a true intimacy with God and a true love for people.
Even during his active ministry, Jesus continued to return to hidden places to be alone with God. If we don’t have a hidden life with God, our public life for God cannot bear fruit ~ Henri Nouwen

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6 Responses to Daily Meditation Medication

  1. kath says:

    This has touched me deeply, because at this moment I feel as if I have lost my hidden life. Just when I need it the most; when the desolation of being alone is suffocating.

  2. kath says:

    Thank you. xx

  3. Suzanne says:

    May his precious soul rest in peace and may his family come close together with Jesus and never let go of Him..I know it is hard. Amen

    Deb, The photo is so pretty. I’ve missed you and haven’t been on much lately. Need to get busy now, but had a chance to check in. 🙂

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