My Favourite Seven things….

I’ve been tagged by Annie to list my favourite 7 things…so without further ado….

1. My car. Driving. The freedom and independence that it affords me. I thank God for this blessing.

2. Food. When I come home with shopping and put it in my fridge-freezer and kitchen cupboards it makes me feel so thankful to God for his provision for my family.

3. Family. I am super blessed with a loving and supportive family who i adore and whom adore me. I really feel for people who have never known familial love and support.

4. Photography and Art. The work of others and my own.

5. Books. Old books, new books, poetry, novels, classics, modern, scripture, spiritual reading, fact, encyclicals, fiction. Love it. Love it all.

6. Music. Love, love, love it. I got rhythm baby. Mad about music, eclectic tastes, excellent.

7. Internet. It may sound rather sad (whatever!) but i can’t imagine my life without access to the internet. ARGHHHHHHHHHH I have palpatations just thinking about it!!!!

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4 Responses to My Favourite Seven things….

  1. Aphra says:

    What type of car do you have? What type is your favorite?

    I love books too- just wish i had time to read!

    • ukok says:

      Aphra, my car is a vauxhall corsa and although this isn;t a picture of my car, it looks a lot like this

      I’ve only owned 3 cars and this is my favourite ever!

      What about you?

  2. Aphra says:

    I have never heard of a vauxhall corsa- we don’t have them here evidently!
    My first car was a ford festiva, which was probably similar in size to what yours looks like but it broke down in 2004- I loved it though.
    Last year we purchased a hyundai accent and it is a bit bigger car. I love it too, but I’m still getting used to the size!

    • ukok says:

      Aphra, my first car was a Fiat Cinquicento…what a bloomin’ nightmare, it cost more in repairs in the 2 or 3 years i had it, than it did to purhase the car twice over! We called the car Bambi because it was so small and cute.

      My second was a Ford Escort, which was a man’s car really, a big beefy car, when turning corners i had to turn the wheel about 3 times….it cost a lot in repairs too. But i did love it, It was a big car with loads of room in the boot etc, a it of a sod to park though. Because it was so powerful and big and gutsy we called the car ‘Terminator’.

      My current car is a beauty, very powerful, easy to park, sleek. We call her ‘Trinity’ like the lovely star off the Matrix Trilogy!

      Do you have a name for yours?

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