Urgent: Please Pray

Please pray for Mary Ellen Barrett  and for all the family who are mourning the loss of 14-year-old Ryan. It’s so terribly , terribly sad, it is my understanding that Ryan was on a camping trip with his Dad when he went missing and sadly, he drowned.

I have long since known it to be true that we must NEVER take our loved ones for granted. That we must never hesitate to speak of our love and show our love….for as has been my own experience, loved ones can be taken from us without any indication whatsoever. We must never, never, never assume that there will be a tomorrow for ourselves or for our loved ones….i’m not suggesting we should be neurotic about it,  but just love, love and love some more.

My heart goes out to all who are mourning the loss of Ryan. My own son just had his 14th Birthday so perhaps it brings it home even more to me right now, just how fortunate i am to have him safe, and of course, his sister too.

Oh Lord, hear our prayers for the repose of Ryan’s soul, and for all who are feeling the pain of his loss.

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7 Responses to Urgent: Please Pray

  1. Aphra says:

    That is so sad 😦 I will pray for that family.

  2. Elena says:

    How terribly sad. I will definitely add them to my prayers today on the Feast of the Assumption of Our Lady.

  3. owen says:

    On the feast day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we pray for souls, for this soul, may Ryan’s soul rest in peace. For his family, Lord, have mercy; Lord, hear our prayer.

  4. Rosemary says:

    Lord have mercy on him and his family. Oh Lord, please pour forth your grace, peace, and consolation on this family. And thanks for the reminder, Deb. Every day is a gift.

  5. Edel says:

    This is so sad – in my prayers

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