Our afternoon at the Zoo

One day we went to the Zoo….I tried to leave my animals; Wonderboy and Wondergirl, but there were no empty cages or so i was told by the Zoo staff…. so i had to bring them back.

The kids, I mean.

We saw some really interesting things at the zoo.

We saw some fun and interesting statues, vaguely reminiscent of Moai.

Strangely perhaps, I couldn’t look at any of them without thinking … ‘me want gum gum, dum dum’ … (from Night at the Museum 1).
Zoo 1

This is a picture of Wondergirl and Wonderboy with one of the ‘heads’ we came across…
zoo 2

We saw an animal known as a Tapir, it had it’s back to us and was up a corner amongst some foliage and grasses so i didn’t get a picture of it, fortunately it wasn’t anywhere near us….read the sign below to see why!

Bet he doesn’t have many friends!

Zoo 3

Now this next photo, i can’t be sure if it’s an ostrich or an emu? I think it’s the latter. Here is a link i found about the difference between both birds but…yawn…yawn…yawn…i am not that interested in them that i would bother reading about them.


The next photo is of a rather ‘excited’  male Zebra. There i was spouting forth about how lovely the zebra was and how i had to get a photo of it…it was only after i took the picture that i realised i had caught him at an inoportune moment! (Or is this what male zebras look like when they are ‘unexcited? Actually, forget i asked, i don’t want to know the answer!)

Zoo 5

A rather regal looking peacock crossed our path…

Zoo 7

Then it was time to go and see some monkeys…

Zoo 12

One monkey, there on the right of the picture, even looked vaguely human….and not  unlike someone i thought i recognised….LOL!
Zoo 8

but gosh and darn it, then i saw the ugliest little monkey  in the whole world….he had a kind of  Lord of the Rings  ‘Ork’ head….there’s a line from a movie i like that goes…. ‘You people make my ass twitch’…well that’s kind of how this little critter was looking at us…

Zoo 6

Next we went to see the penguins…i thought it was so funny how the penguin on the right seemed to be communicating with the other two penguins. The penguin second from the left (or right!) even seems to be leaning in to listen more closely to the penguin that seems to be initiating the penguin conversation!

Zoo 10

I think this next animal was an Okapi, Wondergirl fell in love with them….I don’t want to make this  post all about the nether regions of animals, but aren’t the colourful markings on this beautiful beast  just remarkable?

Zoo 18

Next were the giraffes…

Zoo 20

and another giraffe photo, just because they are so super cooooool!

Zoo 21

after the visit to the giraffes it was time for the Leopards…

Zoo 22

then on to the elephants….

Zoo 23

Then we walked through a bat cave (where Wonderboy got hit on the head by a low flying bat) and then last of all we went to see the reptiles…

Can you spot the snake in this next photo?

Zoo 14

and then there were more reptiles…

Zoo 13

and more…. does this alligator look totally snarky or what?

Zoo 15

This last reptile was beserk…as soon as we appeared at his ‘window’ he made his way towards the glass, pressing his face up to us, a bit freaky like…Wonderboy said he was glad he wasn’t Dudley Dursley or the lizardy thing would have made a tasty dunner out of us!
Zoo 16

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8 Responses to Our afternoon at the Zoo

  1. alexa says:

    These pictures are amazingly good, Deb! Makes me want to go to the zoo with Rocky! Seriously! Excellent photography!


  2. antonia says:

    lovely photos!

    I cant believe how grownup Wonderboy is!!

  3. Cathy says:

    What grand pics…you DID have a grand time!!! Good for you!

  4. You take such great photos!! I feel like I just went to the zoo only it didn’t take nearly as long and I didn’t have to worry about the tapirs;-) Really, these photos are super! (And thanks for your kind words on my blog!)

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