In my World

Here’s a new twist on a very old theme, this is a new (possibly regular) post i will be putting up on the blog whenever the mood takes me. It’s called  ‘In my World‘  since all meme -themed -round- robin-type- posts are generally all about the blog author and what is going on in his or her life anyhow….the title seems appropriate.

There are no specific categories, only a series of bullet points about whatever I feel inclined to write  about what is going on in my world, at any given time.  I suppose it is to be expected that some bullet points may well include what i am cooking, what i am reading, what is going on in my family, but hopefully, amongst the mundane,  there’ll be some stuff of greater interest to my dear blog readers.

I created this to share, so please feel free to pick this up and post your own ‘In my World’  post on your own blogs. If you do, please use the button/image i created for this (directly below this text) and  if you want to link back to this blog as a little ‘thank you’  each time you do it, that would be just peachy. If you do play along remember to leave a comment in this and every subsequent ‘In my World’ post so that myself and others will be able to come visit your blog and read your responses. Oh yes, and please remember to make this as short or as long as you like. I am a bit of a rambler by nature (not as in walking, just as in talking) but if time and inclination has you writing a short ‘In my World’ post, that is perfectly fine!

In my world

  • What I am pondering right now is…’where do dead birds go?’  There are millions of birds in the world but i have never seen one fall from the sky, dead (not counting those that are shot outta the sky!)…. and i have very rarely come across a dead bird, even when i am walking through a forest.
  • What I am feeling right now  is….pride. My daughter has done fabulously well in her AS examinations and she has been accepted to continue on with her final year in Sixth Form college.  Sadly a couple of Wondergirl’s friends didn’t do so well and one good friend is having to leave college. Please pray for Wondergirls friend.
  • What I am reading is…Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’. I’m only 118 pages in but already i have turned the corners of certain pages…. (don’t shoot me for being a secret page – corner-creaser!!!)…. that i found something fascinating/of interest to me…for example, in one of Dr. Sewards diary entries for the 19th July, he writes….To me it seems only yesterday that my whole life ended with my new hope, and that truly i began a new record.  So it will be until the Great Recorder sums me up and closes my ledger account, with a balance to profit or loss”.As i read this i thought of there being a tally of my good and kindly acts and of my wrongdoing and i imaged that one column would be by far the lengthier….hmmm, food for thought.
    Further on in the book he writes in his 19th August diary entry…“He is a selfish old beggar anyhow.  He thinks of the loaves and the fishes even when he believes in the Real Presence”. I knew about the Catholic/Van Helsing link but it’s pleasantly surprising to read such things…the struggle for power between good and evil etc. Seaward goes on a bit but still, the book is making for interesting reading.
  • What I am listening to right now is…the sound of peace in the house….n.o.t.e.e.n.a.g.e.r.s.a.r.g.u.i.n.g….Wonderboy is having a sleepover at his Dad’s. I love Wonderboy so much but he is totally manic.  Some kids have ADHD. Wonderboy has A.S.S. syndrome (anyone with a hyperactive teenage boy will be acquainted with it).  Bless him.
  • What I am eating is….pepperoni pizza. What a shame Wondergirl is  vegetarian, she could have eaten the other half.  Oh well, waste not, want not….
  • What I am hoping for right now is….that i can find a very cheap mobile (cell) phone sometime soon. The one i was given a few weeks ago has died already and can not be resuccitated despite my very best efforts…take battery out, but battery in, take sim out, put sim back in, try to switch it on for the 200th time, press every digit, charge, charge then charge some more….repeat whole sequence 50 times. blah!
  • What I am praying for right now is….for an increase in faith, in patience and in servitude.
  • What i’m working on is….a  long term labour of love that i may not ever fully acomplish, some poetry, a new ‘Bubblegum for the Brain’ post…and some other stuff too boring to mention.
  • This weekend I need to…. take a little time to catch up and re-read all the comments you darling readers have left me and most importantly, to respond to them and visit as many blogs as i can. I also need to mow the garden, but i find it such hard work, i really dislike it. I’ve tried praying the Divine Mercy chaplet while doing it, listening to music etc. I just hate gardening. I am so disheartened by my garden. It rebels against every positive step i take to make it more pleasing.
  • What I need to get around to doing sometime soon is….  thinking about decorating the lounge. I haven’t been feeling too well though so i don’t know when that will be.  It’s quite a big job but hopefully the kids will help me out a bit. All i know is that it has to be done before Christmas….I did buy the wallpaper and paint in February after all!
  • Why I’m a little miffed right now…is that there are already news reports are saying that we are now experiencing ‘Autumn’ over here. Autumn? Where the hell was Summer? Oh hang on, about two weeks ago it was sunny for three afternoons in a row…that must have been it.
  • My bargain of the week is…..that I just purchased some books from Amazon that were reduced from £12.99 to £1.49. Amazing! They make really good reading and I’m hoping to put a couple of these low priced gifts up to give as Christmas gifts/stocking fillers…also, i am experiencing a whole months trial of Prime next day delivery totally free! (So far Royal Mail have only let me down once, but City Link deliveries have been prompt).
  • On the box, I’m watching….absolutely nothing!  We finished Season 5 of Alias about a month ago and we have now watched all the series of  Charmed too….hmmm, time for a new box set addiction methinks (as long as it’s cheap as chips).
  • Today I am especially thankful for…. all the many blessings that the Lord has seen fit to bestow upon me.

Okay folks, that’s my first ‘In my World’ post, hope you like it and that you will give it a go yourself. Remember, make the bullet points your own as well as using any of mine that you want to include, above all, let it be fun, and maybe even a little cathartic.

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3 Responses to In my World

  1. Sarah says:

    Excellent. I totally get the A.S.S. syndrome. Can girls have it as well? I think I have two A.S.S. sufferers here. Ha!

  2. I reallly like the concept of “In My World” posts. You get to cover a lot of territory with a variety of subjects in short paragraphs. I think I’ll try it on my blog “soon” (in my world, “soon” translates to a week or so from now. ) lol.

    It would be a perfect way to keep my blog from getting solemn and weighty. Thanks for sharing your idea. Your graphics for “in My World” are very attractive and fun, too.

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