I heart the Catholic Church

I love the Catholic Church. I love the Holy Trinity, the Holy Father,  the holy priesthood and religious, the bells, the smells, the rituals, the tradition, the Liturgy of the Word and the Liturgy of the Eucharist, the Sacrament of Reconciliation and all the Sacraments, the prayers….I love that the Church is morally, socially and ethically responsible …I love that the Church is vocal about what she stands for, i love the veneration given to Our Lady, i love the Saints, I love my Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I love Adoration and Benedication, I love that the Mass is the Mass is the Mass, i love that throughout the ages the Catholic Church has sought to spread the Good News to all people throughout the world…I love that the Church is the same today as it will be tomorrow, unchanging….and that may not suit some people, but I thank God for it being so.

What do you love about the Catholic Church?

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17 Responses to I heart the Catholic Church

  1. Owen says:

    I love faith *and* reason; Jesus *and* Mary; sacred Scripture *and* sacred Tradition. I love Adoration. I love the splendor of truth. I love everything you mentioned. I love that John 6 is not speaking metaphorically. I love more than can be expressed in a combox but I should add I am grateful for the Catholic friends I am blessed to know directly via the Internet.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love the Church for the reasons both you and Owen state here. What I love most is that it’s a lifestyle as well. Loving and worshiping God hasn’t been religated to just Sunday – we can go to daily Mass, too! God is good!

    • ukok says:

      Oh yes, Sarah, the lifestyle…being Catholic isn’t just a Sunday only thing, it is and should be central to all that we do. The Liturgy, the prayers of the church, the daily Mass, all shape our day to the Glory of God, for all who will partake of it 🙂

  3. caedmon says:

    I love that it goes way back, that where we have differences, we don’t have to have disunity. I love that there is so much room for so many different people and all their expressions of faith.

    • ukok says:

      Well put, Caedmon. That’s a very good point that the Church is ‘big’ enough to have all the different Rites (though i think you mean more than this:-)) she does, that the differences only make it more beautiful.

  4. Shell says:

    I love it’s history and its deep reasonableness.
    I love the rhythm of Divine Office and the Liturgy.
    Ever watched “Into Great Silence”? That really touches what the Church is.

    • ukok says:

      Shell, i love the way you wrote , ‘I love the rhythm of Divine Office and the Liturgy.’

      The liturgy and the Divine Office are indeed rhythmic, and if our lives are in rhythm then they are ordered and we know that we are attuned to God in a way that wish washy unprayerful lives are not, maybe?

      I haven’t seen ‘Into Great Silence’, Shell, don;t suppose you would do a review of it on your blog sometime, would you?

    • ukok says:

      another thought…just looked at amazon and there are lots of reviews there, looks good! Where was i when this came out? How come i have never heard of it before? Goodness!

  5. Lorna says:

    erm …

    I love it that the one holy catholic and apostolic church is part of the creed of many denominations … and that the catholic part means universal. That means that the Good News really is that Jesus is for you – no matter your background, or your family history or how messed up you are/were

  6. Marcia Sandeen says:

    My daughter and family have just left the Church to become Baptists. I have been accused by her as loving the Church more than my family. My love for the Church has kept me the kind of mother I feel God wants me to be. “The Rules” that make it so hard to be a Catholic for some of our children are for our own superior good. Her leaving is like a death to me. I need prayer to get over the sadness and sorrow. My weekday mass is pulling me through. How could I have anything better at this time. One of my grandchildren is also my Godson. What would you suggest I do? My daughter has informed me that I better not talk to him…just don’t try and make him Catholic again. I need some suggestions.

    • ukok says:

      Dear Marcia, my heart goes out to you, if it is okay with you, i am going to make your comment the subject of one of my posts and ask for other Catholics (and myself) to offer you prayers and advice as they may not see it here in the combox. I will attempt to put the post up on the main page of this blog tonight. I just didn’t want you to think i hadn’t noticed your comment here 🙂

      Edited to add…..Marcia, i made your comment into a post and gave you my advice at the following link to


  7. Owen says:

    Dear Marcia, I understand your question is directed at the host of this blog so I will refrain from suggestions but as a former protestant minister of many years who along with my whole family converted to the Church because of sound doctrine, including those hard things, I will pray for your daughter and her family that God would do what He alone can do and that He will enable you to live your faith with love and truth and with the quiet beauty of Proverbs 31. May our Lady of Sorrows intercede on your behalf, she who understands sorrow and who remains the most beautiful example of a faithful disciple of Christ.

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