My Free Catholic Prayer Card Endeavour!

I want to take this opportunity to write a little about how well recieved my Free Catholic Prayer Cards endeavour has been. When I started it i just went along with the ‘creative flow’ and didn’t quite realise how far reaching ( in terms of physical distance around the world) this small act of sharing and creativity, would be.

Much to my surprise, I have received some wonderful emails and comments about my prayer cards and I would like to share some of them with you here because i am fascinated and deeply touched by the way that the prayer cards I create, are being printed off and spread throughout the world, and particularly how they are being used and how very much appreciated they are.

Fran writes:

“I love your site. Thank you for your generosity and good works. I printed out the Divine Mercy prayer sheets and I’m going to pass out the prayer at tomorrow’s Sodality meeting. It’s perfect timing after Divine Mercy Sunday.

Thank you so much!”

Kim writes:

“Thank you for the holy cards. My kids collect them in a 3 ring binder in baseball and photo page protectors. They love getting new ones.”

Kimberly writes:

“Just wanted to say thank you for providing these to print out…I printed some of the bookmarks for my homeschool group for our May Crowning celebration…the kids are going to crown Mary, have icecream and color the bookmarks- thanks so much!”

John writes:


I just happened to come to your site looking out for novenas and pictures. I must say that you are doing a good job. May God Bles you! :-)”

Ruth writes:

“These printable prayer cards are wonderful! I happened to come across your site when I googled “Catholic holy cards”. I saved a number of these to my computer and will be printing them out to share at our parish’s Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. Thanks so much for offering these.”

Veronika writes:

“Blessings to you,
Thank you so much for this great opportunity to share prayer cards with others, especially the bookmarks for Priests, as we begin the year for Priests.
Once again thank you and may God be with you to keep you, before you to lead you, behind you to guard you and above you to bless you now and always. AMEN”

Vicki writes:

“I love your site! With your permission, I would like to use some of your prayer cards to share with my PSR class & bible study group. Thanks for sharing your talent.”

Susan writes:

“Looking for the Holy Father’s Intentions for July prayer card. Now you have me relying on you for these. I print them and laminate them and my father passes them out at the nursing home where he is volunteers and is on the Pastoral Team. He leads the rosary and they pray for the Holy Father’s intentions.
They really enjoy them.
Thank you so much for your website.”

Mary Lou writes:

“What a beautiful and wonderful website you are providing us with! The picture of your being the hands of the Lord is so beautifully clear.
I have been printing some of the cards for my friends and myself. Standing in the back of Guardian Angel Cathedral (Las Vegas, NV), where I attend daily Mass, I laid down on the entry table a couple of the prayer cards that I had brought to show a friend. A couple of moments later, they were gone! So now, I put several on the table, and each day they have been taken.”

Tish writes:

“Thank you so much for these templates. I have looked and looked for holy cards that I could afford to distribute in my parish particularly the pro-life, prayer for priests and prayer intentions of the Holy Father. I’d work on my own and get so frustrated that I gave up. Glad you didn’t! I look forward to printing these up to use in promoting Pro-Life awareness as I’m the organizer for that ministry in my church. God bless you.”

Christi writes:

“Hi. Thanks for these prayer cards. I just got back from a retreat in Fatima and this is just the thing to put in with each rosary I give out. Thanks for sharing.”

Anita writes:

“Hello Deb. What a fantastic, inspirational site you have. I stumbled across it quite by accident whilst looking for some relevant symbols for some sympathy – communion – confirmation cards I am making. My question is this:
I am in the process of setting up a website to sell handmade cards. I envisage that the profit will be small (if any) and will only be enough to keep me supplied in crafting goodies! I would like to think that a small % of my monthly income (again, if any!) could go to a local or national charity. As such, when I make what I would deem to be religious cards can I offer one of your prayer cards free with these items. I could laminate them, including a reference to your site if this would be acceptable.”

Helen writes:

“Blessings to you UkOk – I came your site by total coincidence today and first of all I wish God’s blessings on you in abundance for what you are doing with your talents and may Our Blessed Mother keep you forever safe under her mantle of protection. From South Africa, I too am a converted (at age 16) catholic lady (now age 61) and do a lot of making up of prayer cards myself – nothing close to your beautiful work – which I hand out in various ways, when on pilgrimages, to those who need a special inspiration etc. At present I make up wooden bead cord rosaries which I give away – to date probably close to 1000 – and my newest mission is to supply rosaries and Divine Mercy chaplet rosaries to a lady in Port Elizabeth which is about 1000 kilometres from where I live for her miinistry to prisioners How wonderful to find the Divine Mercy Prayer Card which I have already printed and will laminateto include with the chaplet rosaries. Also, your “Hail Mary Cards” are just what I need to include in my rosary packet…THANK YOU for sharing your talent with so many people. My prayer group is also going to benefit from your prayer cards. In sincerity and with prayers, God Bless, Helen.”

Loyal Servant writes:

“Thank you so much! I’m printing some out for my Carmelite Sisters! Our community will be thrilled to get them.
Thank you again!”

If I ever for one moment wondered if the effort of this endeavour was ‘worth it’, i have more than enough feedback to let me know that it is! Please folks, do remember to stop by my Free Catholic Prayer Card page and print off some prayer cards to distribute freely. My suggestion would be to leave them in phone booths, in cafes, in libararies, in parishes and prayer groups (with your priest’s permission).

Freely give and share the love!

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3 Responses to My Free Catholic Prayer Card Endeavour!

  1. They are nice! So glad you’re receiving recognition for your generosity and creativity.

  2. Lorna says:


    you have a generous heart!

  3. jane says:

    I am looking for a card that shows “How to pray the rosary”
    Do you offer this?

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