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Occasional Daily Meditation Medication

Prayer of Solace May Christ support us all the day long, till the shadows lengthen, and the evening comes, and the busy world is hushed, and the fever of life is over and our work is done. Then in his … Continue reading

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Of your Charity, please pray

…for a pressing  personal intention. No details will be given in this post, but i will post later on the ‘Cogitations’ page, when I have been to Mass and recieved my much needed Lord, in the Eucharistic Sacrament . Apologies … Continue reading

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Baked Bean Brainteaser

I have just been informed by a sauce source close to me, that  it is a little known fact that 97% of Baked Beans are consumed by the British. What is wrong with you non-Brit people!!! Baked beans may have … Continue reading

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Sometimes Daily Medication Meditation

“Always have a book at hand, in the parlor, on the table, for the family; a book of condensed thought and striking anecdote, of sound maxims and truthful apothegms. It will impress on your own mind a thousand valuable suggestions, … Continue reading

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In my World

Here’s a new twist on a very old theme, this is a new (possibly regular) post i will be putting up on the blog whenever the mood takes me. It’s called  ‘In my World‘  since all meme -themed -round- robin-type- … Continue reading

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And she thought she knew a bit about love…(a poem)

Will you love me? Will you love me? though I am worn and long wearied by the ravages of life and claimed, despoiled and shamed, by those of tawdry lives ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Will you love me? though I am tainted and … Continue reading

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Our afternoon at the Zoo

One day we went to the Zoo….I tried to leave my animals; Wonderboy and Wondergirl, but there were no empty cages or so i was told by the Zoo staff…. so i had to bring them back. The kids, I … Continue reading

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