Harry Potter ‘Icon’ Offends Orthodox Christians

I have nothing against the Harry Potter ‘phenomenon’, in fact, a week ago i took my son to see the latest Harry Potter movie at the cinema and very much enjoyed it, but this (below) is completely and utterly offensive to me…harry-cover-480Read more here.

What say you?

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23 Responses to Harry Potter ‘Icon’ Offends Orthodox Christians

  1. Alexa says:

    Definitely offensive. Blasphemous. Mortal sin.

  2. Suzanne says:

    PATHETIC…that is what I say!

  3. Mimi says:

    I say that the article was very well written and interesting, and I thought reported on the Christian underpinings of Harry Potter very well.

    then, they botched it with the illustration. Being connected to the Orthodox online world (clearly) I can tell you that the illustrator and the newspaper have both gotten earfuls and have responded in varying degrees of apology – the paper very well, the illustrator from a place of defense. Anyway, I hope that it is illustrative of the fact that the root of our Christian tradition is forgiveness and pray that the takeaway lesson is that one should research traditions before copying them.

  4. I’m one of those who completely distrusts the Potter phenomenon, and all the arguments I’ve read that explain the books’ virtues only increase my distrust. At the same time I respect those who give those arguments.

    But those who would make this image are not deserving of conversation. It is worse than basic iconoclasm.

    • ukok says:

      Paul, i can certainly understand why people, such as yourself, distrust the Potter phenomenon. About the image, it is that particularly that i am so aghast at, i merely posted on it because i was incensed by it.

  5. caedmon says:

    It was probably a bad idea, but I don’t think being offended by it is a good use of what energy I have for today. Compared to hunger and health care, is this really that big an issue? Or is it just something for us to get mad about so we can pretend we’re better than someone else?

    • ukok says:

      Well, it’s only a blog post caedmon. I’m not expending that much energy on it and y’know, sometimes we bloggers (most of the time usually) write about stuff that isn’t considered a big issue. I’m by no means mad about the image because i think i am better than anyone else, but i do find it offensive to set Potter up as a Saint, even if it is only for a newspaper article

      • caedmon says:

        Oh! I apologize, sister. I didn’t mean there was anything wrong with posting what you posted. I wasn’t questioning you for sharing. I was questioning why I get caught up in the arguments I do. Apparently, I get in them because I don’t think about what the reply might sound like on the other side of the keyboard.

        And I do agree the newspaper didn’t do any better a job of thinking how their image would be received.

  6. I also find it very offensive. What were they thinking?

  7. The Cellarer says:

    I’ve not read the article. I suspect they were trying to make a connection between Christianity and Harry Potter and some bright spark in a brainstorming session came up with the icon idea. I suspect they thought it looked good and achieved their aim of linking the two – but didn’t know the implications or potential offense it would cause. So unless they admit they were out to offend / knew what they were doing or someone can prove they were out to do so, I would hope they apologise for any offense caused and anyone offended accepts this and cuts them some slack.

  8. stf says:

    It’s just a picture. A halo around a person isn’t what makes them holy. It’s what comes out from inside.

    Didn’t read the article.

    • ukok says:

      You are right Lorna, that it isn’t the halo that makes a person holy, but iconography is (in Catholicism and in Orthodoxy) a prayerful and (in my opinion) sacred work that reverences Our Lord, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints so yes, personally I find it offensive because of that reason. Perhaps i feel so strongly about it because I use the icons I have in my home and those i enjoy looking at in church etc in a way that is prayerful, reverent etc.

  9. gman59 says:

    I did not read the article but this is disturbing to me. I though do not find it unusual in todays world. It seems that Catholicism especially is under constant attack in North America and in the US in particular. I just wonder how long and how far the secular world will be able to keep going. I am still trying to learn and find my spot with in my faith and know I have a long way to go but it is disturbing how many attacks are mounted on a consistent basis against the church.
    Thanks for bringing this out and thanks for your blog!
    Take care and God Bless!

  10. Suzanne says:

    The attacks on the Catholic Church come out of fear more than anything…fear that the Catholic Church is Truth, fear that if the Catholic Church isn’t attacked, put down, ridiculed, that the Catholic Church might actually grow stronger…and then,
    whomever may have to wonder just how that could possibly be….anyway, I’ve always notice attacks are usually out of fear of losing some kind of grounding..some kind of power, some kind of desire to be right and doing whatever it takes to try to betlittle so as to seem in control…

  11. Sarah says:

    I’m actually reading the series again. The movies can’t touch how good the books are, in my humble opinion. BUT, this picture is . . . someone ought to realize how awful mixing the two are! For those who like HP this only makes saying HP isn’t that bad of a series harder to say. The art department needs a warning to stop putting out such rubbish – or get sacked. Uff.

  12. Joe says:

    I find this extremely offensive. Whoever did this, whether they believe in Christ or not, should have respect for other people and their religions such as Orthodox Christians to. Being an Orthodox Christian I find this very offensive and would never think about disrespecting a religion, or someone the way they did.

  13. Ken Scherer says:

    I wouldn’t display it in my house, but I don’t think the Harry Potter icon is anti-Orthodox Christian or a sinful work of art. Certainly, we Orthodox Christians do not want to react in any manner reminiscent of how certain non-Christians do about portrayals of their religious figures. Hey, it makes people think about the Orthodox Church and could, in a strange way, lead someone to Orthodoxy. I see nothing “blasphemous” about the Harry Potter Icon. It’s a harmless work of art that does no damage to the Orthodox Church.

  14. This is an excellent example of expropriation. Since the artist and newspaper look upon the Orthodox as being some kind of “exotic other” that is culturally insignificant, they have no qualms about making such portrayals. It is part and parcel the same as various “Indian”-themed sports mascots in the USA. The American Indian is seen as exotic and thoroughly insignificant in the USA. Thus, one is free to simply expropriate them or any aspects of their cultures for whatever silly purpose one wants. Then, if someone complains, it’s not the expropriator’s fault. The “exotic other” is to blame for everyhing.

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