Etchasketchtastic (or not, in my case)

Some people are really talented when it comes to etch-a-sketch…..check out this great etch-a-sketch of the Pieta…

….and some people are really not talented at all when it comes to etch-a-sketch….here is my contribution to the world of etching- sketching talent.

Don’t even ask what happened to the letter ‘k’….

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3 Responses to Etchasketchtastic (or not, in my case)

  1. Mary Lou Skoblick says:

    Look at your ‘K’! Looks like someone on one knee, lifting their hand to heaven! And there is a shadow (I guess that is what it is)on the lower right half of the screen–looks like the Virgin Mother’s head, casting down (or is that a shadow in my office?) Is that what we are supposed to be seeing (and I missed your point). Your talent is so unbelievable! What a gift God has given you!

    • ukok says:

      Bless you MAry, i’m afraid that it is only my reflection in the plastic, as i take the photo…that’s quite possibly the closest i’ll ever get to emulating the Virgin Mary!

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