Brilliant Bargains

I haven’t posted a brilliant bargain for a while…so let me share with you a couple of great bargains i bagged recently.

A couple of weeks ago, i was bumming around charity shops in Cheshire and i had just said to my Mum that I never seemed to drop on any nice tablecloths in charity shops…well minutes later we had entered yet another charity shop and Mum came over to show me a lovely tablecloth she had spotted and not only was it only £2 but it was brand new! Lovely ‘ethnicy’ colours and print don’t you think?

table cloth

Another bargain, though perhaps not quite as impressive as the tablecloth….Christmas napkins I spotted in a nearby homeware shop…original price £5.99 down to £1.49 per pack of 4 napkins…and when i got to the till there was a further discount….so i got both packs (8 napkins) for £1.98.


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2 Responses to Brilliant Bargains

  1. antonia says:

    Good bargains.

    There is an internet game called “Thrifty Thursday”, I think run by ‘Tales from Bloggeritaville’, where put people do a sortof show & tell on their latest bargains from “thrift sales” (second-hand shops/carboot sale type stuff for us brits!).
    Just thought I’d let you know about it

    lotsa love

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