Difficult Times

Here is a photo of my little family in happier times.

It’s hard to believe how much everything has changed since this photo was taken.

Things are really difficult for us right now and I’m sure God can use all the prayers received on our behalf, so please, if you feel inclined, do remember us in your prayers.

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22 Responses to Difficult Times

  1. Owen says:

    May the Lord grant you grace, wisdom and mercy enough to meet each day.

  2. Sarah says:

    What Owen so eloquently said and big hugs from across the pond! Praying!!

  3. Cathy says:

    Will keep you in my prayer! A lovely pic…

  4. Suzanne says:

    Yesterday, I was working at the card shop. I don’t know if you remember me telling you about the English woman who came in who reminded me of you once before or not, but this was the same woman and I just so love her accent and her pleasant ways. So, I got a little sad when she left..wishing it was you and that you were here visiting me. I do pray for you, Debbie…I think about it quite often too.
    I guess since I’ve just gone through a tough year or so with my own son and I’m sure more to come off and on, I can relate in some big ways. Things are better now, but even when they are right with you, it is crazy out there. Still, I know you
    must have a hard time with sighing and such, but we’ll keep praying and you must keep hearing from us…He loves you…Mum! We love you too! How is your daughter with all of this? Hugs for her too.

    • Angela M. says:

      Deb, I totally feel for you. My youngest son was hell on wheels especially the year he was 14. Eventually he straightened himself out – and everyone says it’s because I never gave up on him and loved him unconditionally – just as you do with your son. My son is going to Afghanistan next week as a Canadian Forces medic. When I cry for him I will offer it up for you. God bless you Deb and KEEP FIGHTING THE GOOD FIGHT!

      • ukok says:

        Oh Angela, ‘hell on wheels’ that nails it exactly! That’s Wonderboy LOL! He is like a stranger to me in almost every way…he just looks like my son.

        Please know that I will be remembering you and your son in my prayers, may God keep him safe! Many thanks for your prayers and encouragement.

        God Bless you!

    • ukok says:

      suz, it’s so lovely of you to think of me when you have that nice English lady in your card shop….i am sure i would disappoint you if we met….so darling, keep imaging me like that dear sweet lady!

      I know you relate, you and your dear son have experienced some testing times too and it gives me comfort to know that i am not alone in this. Your prayers and encouragement mean such a lot to me. Plase be assured of my continued prayers for you and yours (((hugs)))

  5. Will pray whilst I’m away this week..look after yourself & don’t worry!

    God bless


    Oh btw the Legion is great..there is a Birmingham Legion website somewhere..

    • ukok says:


      Bless your kind heart. Hope you are having a great holiday!

      About the Legion, i had a phone called from a nice man named Ron who i think was from Birmingham, don’t suppose you know him do you? I think his wife is named Nora but i could be wrong. Basically, there is no Legion of Mary here at the moment and he suggested i might consider setting one up (with the permission of the parish priest), but i’m not sure about that yet, there is so much going on for me right now that i don;t think it would be good for me at the moment. Keep us updated on your blog about how things are going with the Legio though, won’t you?

  6. Mrs.Pogle says:

    Praying for you!
    Mrs.P xx

  7. Dawn says:

    Hi Deb,

    I am so sorry that things are so difficult for you all at the moment. I pray with all my heart that things get better for you soon. thinking of you all, lots of love, Dawn x

  8. You and your family are in my prayers! St. Michael, pray for us!! Parenting is really tough.

  9. Tim J. says:

    Special prayers from the Ozark mountains for you and your family this morning.

    • ukok says:

      Tim, it never ceases to amaze me and beautify my world, that people the whole world over are so generous of heart. Thank you for your prayers, they are very much needed and very much appreciated!

  10. Mary Lou Skoblick says:

    Oh, Debbie, you are beautiful, not only on the inside, but as we now know, on the outside! What a lovely picture! And your children look exactly like you! Daily, I ask our Lord to hold you in his arms, to bless you and care for you. And I know that He is! And all will heal in His time. ML

    • ukok says:

      Oh Bless you Mary, i don’t consider myself at all beautiful but it is very lkind of you to say so. Your prayers are very much appreciated for me and mine. May God return the kindness you have shown me 🙂

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