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Out of the Depths

I’ve been experiencing the extreme version of  life’s big dipper ride of late…it seems that I get stuck on the ‘lows’ rather too frequently for comfort and the highs are far too fleeting for me to grasp on to for … Continue reading

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Very Ocassional Daily Meditation Medication

Pray and do not be apprehensive about anything; do not be afraid of trouble or misfortune, for prayer will protect you and sustain you in all circumstances~ St. John Chrysostom, 4th century

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Perfectly Easy Peasy ‘Scone Base’ Pizza – Simple Living

For this cooking extravaganza i’m using my mum’s  pizza scone base recipe. The name could sound a bit off-putting but it doesn’t taste at all like scones,  the omission being the eggs and sugar and dried fruits which are replaced in … Continue reading

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In My World…

The other day i went to the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea. I unscrewed the lid from the teabag canister, got my mug ready….boiled the water in the kettle….and poured the water in……. the…. teabag…. canister….now i … Continue reading

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Combox Prayer Requests

What with having a helluva migraine most of this week and with visiting another prospective university this weekend,  for Wondergirl to attend next September, i have been remiss in posting the following combox prayer requests and also in responding to … Continue reading

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Non-Gangrenous Green Lumps

I know you probably don’t want to be thinking about Advent yet but i am thinking that far ahead and i’ll tell you the reason why. We’ve never had a proper advent-wreath-candle-holder-thingy before…. usually i’ve made my own with bits … Continue reading

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Occassional Daily Meditation Medication

The Pillars of the Church The two main sacraments, baptism and the Eucharist, are the spiritual pillars of the Church. They are not simply instruments by which the Church exercises its ministry. They are not just means by which we … Continue reading

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