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Out of the Depths

I’ve been experiencing the extreme version of  life’s big dipper ride of late…it seems that I get stuck on the ‘lows’ rather too frequently for comfort and the highs are far too fleeting for me to grasp on to for … Continue reading

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Very Ocassional Daily Meditation Medication

Pray and do not be apprehensive about anything; do not be afraid of trouble or misfortune, for prayer will protect you and sustain you in all circumstances~ St. John Chrysostom, 4th century

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Perfectly Easy Peasy ‘Scone Base’ Pizza – Simple Living

For this cooking extravaganza i’m using my mum’s  pizza scone base recipe. The name could sound a bit off-putting but it doesn’t taste at all like scones,  the omission being the eggs and sugar and dried fruits which are replaced in … Continue reading

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In My World…

The other day i went to the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea. I unscrewed the lid from the teabag canister, got my mug ready….boiled the water in the kettle….and poured the water in……. the…. teabag…. canister….now i … Continue reading

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