Erroneous Poetry?

A reader recently wrote the comment below on an old post, a poem i wrote about Our Lady about 3 years ago. I have responded to the comment in that particular post and would appreciate any insight or support you can give in the combox of that post.

Alternatively, if you agree with Les that there is something wrong with the poem (in that you consider it erroneous, not simply a ‘poorly written poem’!) feel free to write that in the combox explaining your point.  Read both the poem and the comment HERE.

(Since both posts are about the same thing i will close this combox so as to avoid confusion!)

Les writes:

Beautiful but also somewhat scary. We’re to pray to our Heavenly Father who became flesh and died on the cross for our sins. Jesus is our Messiah – not Mary. Mary was a mere woman just like us…she may have bore the Son of God but she was not the Christ. Jesus himself taught men how to pray…He said “Our Father who art in Heaven…” not “Mary who art in Heaven…”

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