Today Wondergirl and I headed off to the City of Manchester for their University Open Day. It has been a long time since i have visited Manchester and i have never driven there previously, so i was quite anxious, but thankfully, there was only one aggressive, maniacal driver who beeped his horn and stuck his fingers up at me repeatedly (and rather aggressively) because I wouldn’t break the speed limit when he was up the arse of my car trying to make me go faster. I wanted to be charitable, really i did, but as he overtook me on the inside lane i think i called him a ‘tosser’ and said ‘up yours too!’

God knows this holiness lark is bloody difficult at times.

Besides that, we got there safely (and returned safely). The time we spent attending talks by lecturers about the various courses on offer, were very interesting and i found myself wishing i was in a position to apply there myself!  Who knows, maybe one day heh? It’s out of the question really, but it got me thinking how education is a wonderful thing and how fortunate we are to have such a wealth of access to education in the West. When i read or hear the stories about how people in poorer countries  have to make a very real sacrifice to their families income to allow a child to  go to school to learn even the very basics of education…and all the while there are so many of our kids here in the West squandering their opportunities to learn.

Just. Like. I. Did.


The day involved a lot of walking along gusty, leaf strewn roads and walkways that were bustling with life and anticipation….there was lots of trying to suss out the rather miniscule map of the area so we could get from one huge Mancunian building to another and then to another and then another…trying to get to  each of the talks before the lecture halls were packed and doors closed. We didn’t get to one of the talks because it overlapped with another we were attending and sometimes the buildings were about 10-15 minutes walk from one another which meant the lecture halls were already full by the time we got there.

But guess what?

Whose beautiful face greeted us as we were making our way along the Oxford Road?

The face of St. Therese of Lisieux!

No i didn’t see an apparition, but there were many, many large and very lovely banners featuring St. Therese quotations and images of her and they were hung from each of the large lamp posts.  In fact, I think it was just as we left the Academy (student union and bar – we needed to make use of the powder room – the loos were gross actually) that we saw, just on the other side of the Oxford Road, a Catholic Church which had an enormous banner of the face of St. Therese on its external wall.  The banners were all there to  bring awareness of the relics of St. Therese that are currently in the country and had, i believe, been in Manchester towards the end of September.

I wish I’d have taken my camera, i did think about it this morning but i thought ‘no, there won’t be time for taking photographs!’

Anyway, forgive my rambling but it was all too cool not to share!

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7 Responses to Studentine

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve noticed that on Oahu the only folks that sneak up me arse on the roads are those w/ military stickers on their windscreens. I’m usually behind a person who has lived here for ages and drives under the limit . . . and I try to back off ‘cos I hate it when people aggressively creep up my tailpipes . . . if I can go ’round I do. If not, I slow down. Well, you cannot rush in Hawaii. Those that do are seen as offensively rude. I yell, too, though. Glad you had such a brill time and that St. Therese was with you all the merry day!

  2. caedmon says:

    How I wish I could have been there with you! Therese will always hold a special place in my heart. My ‘little sister’ played a big role in bringing me home to the Church.

  3. Suzanne says:

    St. Therese! Did I ever tell you that her relics were brought to a small town where her order has a convent here…a few years ago when they were taking them around the country? Yes and I was blessed to go and walk beside them. There was the most beautiful child photo of her I had ever seen there and I’ve loved it ever since.
    I’ll post it in case you haven’t seen it..but you most likely have by now. Today is the Feast of St. Theodora Guerin and it was in the same city here that where I blogged about her today..Terre Haute, IN ..a town with a funny name has seen some mighty gifts! 🙂 Anyway, I was blessed to go to Mass and confession today and I looked down at my little rosary bracelet that I had to use today for prayers since I had left my rosary in the car and there on this bracelt is a little silver rose!
    It was funny to me because I had JUST been saying the other day that I have not prayed with St. Therese really one on one lately about things and I miss having the roses in my life. Today, I think she was saying..”I’m very glad you got to confession, Missy, so I’m giving you one little rose!” Do you think, Deb?
    🙂 Hugs!

  4. I hate it when drivers seem to think it is their right to go as fast as they want and that everyone else has a responsibility to get out of their way.
    Sounds like a nice trip. And to be greeted by Therese. Lovely.

  5. Lorna says:

    Glad you had a splendid day out Deb.

  6. Mac McLernon says:

    I, too, hate aggressive drivers, and it is important to stay within the speed limit… but, if he was able to overtake you on the inside lane, perhaps you should have been on the inside lane yourself…?

    Not having a go, or anything, and the conditions may have been such that you couldn’t get in to the inside lane, but that is the lane we are supposed to drive in. The middle lane is for overtaking, or moving aside to allow other traffic to join the motorway from sliproads…

    This isn’t the way most people actually drive, I know…

    • ukok says:

      Hi Mac, thanks for your comment. In my defence all i can say is that the maximum speed was 40 and i was travelling at 40 so there really wasn;t anywhere else for the other driver to go, it wasn’t like i was preventing him from going at the maximum speed limit. In addition to this, we were approaching a roundabout at the time and the right hand lane took me on to the route home, the left hand lane took drivers back round into central Manchester which is where i had just left.

      There were only the two lanes as we didn;t go on the motorway 🙂

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