Hardly-Ever Daily Meditation Medication

“How you spend your time is more important than how
you spend your money.  Money mistakes can be
corrected,  but time is gone forever.”

David B. Norris

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4 Responses to Hardly-Ever Daily Meditation Medication

  1. Cathy says:

    Excellent!!!!! Thank you!!

  2. Isn’t THAT the truth!

  3. mrs.pogle says:

    Hi Ukok,
    About the spinach and feta tarts! Yes, they would work with cheddar, but as cheddar melts and feta doesn’t, the texture would be different, and they would be more like little quiches.
    Love Mrs.P x

    • ukok says:

      Good points AR, I think i will stick to the feta and spinach, just need to find some cheap feta in the supermarket now…when i don;t look for it specifically it always seems to be on offer, and when i do want it it isn’t on offer LOL! Thanks for coming over and sharing your culinary wisdom with me 🙂

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