Audio Book Deal – Brilliant Freebie

If there are any audio-book listeners out there you can currently get any audio book of your choice (as long as it is on the website) for absolutely nothing, from  You do have to give your debit/credit card details  but if you cancel the subscription within 14 days you get to keep the free audio book and you don’t have to pay a thing.

Want to know what book I downloaded?

I downloaded the New Testament read by Johnny Cash.

I know.


But also pretty cool actually since i like the sound of his voice.

There is only one little niggle I have with the whole Audible thing and that is that you should check first that your MP3 device is compatible….i downloaded the audio book and then found that Sony and are still in talks to allow downloads to be transferred to the Sony Walkman. Still, many other MP3 players are compatible, along with all ipods. However, saying that, i can still listen to the audiobooks on my laptop or i can transfer the audio books to a cd and play them in the car etc.

Just to say, i am not getting paid to advertise this, i just wanted to let you know there is a great freebie offer going on at the moment….if you happen to be into War and Peace you can download the first or second part of it for free and it is worth about £53 per download….LOL!

Let me know in the combox if this helps….and what book you chose!

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One Response to Audio Book Deal – Brilliant Freebie

  1. wow, Deb, thanks. Liz listens to a lot of books on tape. This will be really helpful.

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