Non-Gangrenous Green Lumps

I know you probably don’t want to be thinking about Advent yet but i am thinking that far ahead and i’ll tell you the reason why.

We’ve never had a proper advent-wreath-candle-holder-thingy before…. usually i’ve made my own with bits of metal wire and tinsel and by scooping up an assortment of candles and bits of candles that have been gathering dust around the house throughout the year…..but THIS year I am determined to have a proper Advent Candle Wreath  that doesn’t fall apart and that even has all the right coloured candles, just for a change.

So with this in mind i did an online search, found the cheapest pillar candle  Advent Wreath holder – my OCD nature won’t allow me to trust tapered candles not to wobble over and set fire to the table cloth in our kitchen, where the wreath shall be placed and remain throughout Advent and Christmas – and so I ordered one Advent Candle Holder Frame.

I didn’t want to purchase the candles for it from the same place as i wanted to get a lower price on them, so i ordered the frame only.

Just the frame.

And it came within 48 hours.




But it came buried under a stack of green foam lumps…which disconcerted me somewhat since i am trying to do my bit to recycle and cut down the contents of my wheelie bin (which is now only emptied once a fortnight).


I dare say if i was super frugal, i could keep the green lumps and re-use them for packaging items or for stringing together an ingenious Christmas tree garland….but i didn’t ask for them and i don’t want them!  Some businesses use inflated plastic bags as packaging filler, these can be deflated easily and take up very little space in the bin, but green lumps?

Of course, I want my purchases to arrive safely and intact, but is it really necessary to use so much packaging for one item…For the first 10 seconds after opening the parcel i couldn’t even FIND the item i had ordered as it was buried under 4 inches of foam (with an equal quantity below it).

So off to the bin the green lumps go….i am endeavouring to de-clutter my home and I don’t want any more junk accumulating in the house!

Thankfully the box can go in the gardening refuse wheelie bin or else be used for storing items.


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18 Responses to Non-Gangrenous Green Lumps

  1. caedmon says:

    “wheelie bins”

    OK, OK… So totally /not/ the point and I did read the rest of the words, but I’ve been having a bad couple of days (migraines) and for whatever reason, “wheelie bins” put a smile on my face. Thanks!

    • ukok says:


      I’m glad i put a smile on your face and i hope you are feeling better now. I suffer with migraines myself so you have my every sympathy!

      Here is a link to a pic (not the same as mine but similar) and some info about wheelie bins.

      I have 3 wheelie bins…they are each for different things. I thought it would be a bit of a chore doing so much recycling, but actually i am really enjoying it!

      • caedmon says:

        Oh, I know wheelie bins well! In my town, we only have 1 wheelie bin for trash and smaller boxes for recycling. In my parents’ town, they have three: one for trash, one for recycling, and one for yard debris. We have the bins, just not a fancy name for them that makes me smile so. 😀

  2. Melanie says:

    LOL! I laughed about the packaging — my kids like to build with those — if they are dampened, they stick together and can make interesting structures! Some are even corn-based and bio-degrade in water, but considering the green of those, I don’t think they’re made from corn 🙂

    I was looking for a new Advent wreath just this morning! I bet yours will be lovely!

  3. Leslee says:


    Where did you find that, I’ve been looking for one like that for ages.


    • ukok says:

      Leslee, it took me blooming ages to find a site that a) sold advent wreath frames and b) sold them in the UK. This one was from and the service was brilliant, i would recommend them if their service to me is anything to go by. You can order the candles form there too and they have other choices of frame, but as i said, i wanted to see if i could save a few pennies….as it happens i only saved 50p and the candles haven;t even arrived from this other online store…so maybe buy the candles when you buy the frame, if funds permit! Hope this helps!

  4. Sarah says:

    I went through three Advent wreathes before finding the pewter celtic one. It has tapers, but I don’t leave them unattended – ever. Once, only once, did I leave them and they melted all over the dern place!

    The one you have here is a gem! You can leave it as is, or you can dress her up a bit, if you like. Either way, t’is lovely!!

    • ukok says:

      I think i will dress it up a bit as its quite plain isn’t it? I’ll maybe get some holly or evergreen leaves, maybe i will scent them a little or rub a little scnted oil on the exterior of the candle, i know a lot of candle companies do that and then sell their candles as scented candles 😦

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh, and the movers came and picked up my rubbish. I had to laugh that the Hawaiian folks use the word rubbish so liberally here, as I have discovered elsewhere stateside that it’s not used for “trash” or “garbage” or “recycling”. Here, the strictly use the word “rubbish”. See, then, the Crown has left a mark here in HI. Thank God for it!!

  6. Sarah says:

    Sorry. My rubbish was the flattened moving boxes and packing paper (which I unrolled and laid flat – there were three boxes of flattened, folded papers after I was done). They were so pleased we’d made such a neat and tidy job of the recycling rubbish. 🙂 And for the record, I loathe “packing peanuts”. I much rather have the plastic bubble baggies.

    • ukok says:

      Sarah, you never have to apologise for posting more than one comment, in fact, i encourage it! Packing Peanuts, that’s a cute way of referring to them, far better than non-gangrenous lumps. LOL!

  7. mum6kids says:

    Our Advent crown is ridiculously huge. LOL I bought it from a church supplies and didn’t check the size properly. Ours is more Cathedral than chapel. I have yet to live it down.
    The last time something arrived full of that green stuff I made a huge ball with is and the kids played indoor football and stuff for while until it went in the bin.
    If Heleyna (2yrs old) ever gets to this stuff first however-that’s it! The house is haunted for weeks with little green foamy bits. Drives me mad.
    God bless

    • ukok says:

      LOL! Schell, this one is quite a lot bigger than i thought it would be so i wonder how big yours is, you’ll have to post a pick of it during Advent season LOL!

  8. Mary Lou Skoblick says:

    I get so tickled to read UKOK’s local colloquialisms (and I can hear her adorable accent that I am sure she has).

  9. Pia says:

    We call the green lumps potato chips in Italy (or crisps as you would say). They are quite cumbersome, really!

    As per the wreath, a friend of mine cuts grapevines from her vineyard and shapes them into a wreath. Then she adds fresh bay leaves and other evergreens, some fresh oranges or tangerines, dried fruit and nuts, etc. Very homey and inviting.

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