In My World…

In my world

  • The other day i went to the kitchen to make myself a mug of tea. I unscrewed the lid from the teabag canister, got my mug ready….boiled the water in the kettle….and poured the water in……. the…. teabag…. canister….now i like a cup of reasonably strong tea as much as the next person…but even i don’t need 20 tea bags in my cuppa. DOH!
  • Went shopping for groceries the other day. On the return journey home we were waiting stationary at the traffic lights…you know how it is…you look in your rear view mirror and check the cars behind you? Well, i took a look in my mirror and noticed the driver of the car behind me looking everywhere but the road ahead and i just knew that she wasn’t going to notice me and slow down her car as she approached the traffic lights….there was a car in front of me so i had nowhere to go and well, BUMP!  The car bumped into the back of mine. Thankfully there was no damage to either car or to any persons. We both got out and checked for damage and found none. (Thank you Guardian Angel!)  I got the drivers name and phone number in case of any future problems as a result of the bump and then I got back in the car and my daughter said ‘you dealt with that in a very civilised manner, mum’.
  • The dog has been doing far too many ‘dead-dog’ impressions lately.  She is far too frequently discovered, laying down somewhere, with staring eyes and completely rigid in body….and then  she scares the heebyjeebys out of me by choosing not to respond to her name being called…..’Bella?’….’BBBBBBBeeellllaaaaaaaaa?”  ‘BBBBBBBBBBBBEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  Darn dog. I thought  her hearing might be becoming impaired but she can hear words like ‘Walkies!’ and ‘nice’ (she associates the latter word with having treats because i always say ‘do you want something nice?’ and then she gets all excited!)
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7 Responses to In My World…

  1. Sarah says:

    Holly will do that once in a while and she’s only almost 2yo. If I ask, “Do you wanna?” she perks up right quick. She knows the word “bone” (for rawhide) and “cookie” for her treats. She also goes bananas and waits by the front door if we ask her if she wants to go for a walk.

    Yorks are very bright. And silly.

  2. Cathy says:

    There have been some pretty interesting events in your life of late…God Bless YOU!!

  3. I am LOL. The tea canister thing sounds so much like something I would do. Hope all is well with you.

    • Suzanne says:

      Deb, dear, don’t feel badly..I am so embarrassed to share half of the odd little things I do…one of the things I seem to be constantly doing is spilling..I always try to grab something and pour too fast and make the biggest would think I’d get tired of it and just slow down, but no, not me, I do this on a regular basis and it really is from just rushing too much. The other thing I have been doing lately is eating too fast and biting the inside of my bottom lip and it hurts! What do I do?
      I keep eating too fast and biting my bottom lip on the inside anyway…go figure!
      So, not telling anymore! This is all quite embarrassing enough! Thank you! I just figured if you could share, then I guess I should too! LOL!

  4. Owen says:

    We use loose leaf tea, imagine that when it spills.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Yuck, Owen! Ha!

  6. mum6kids says:

    LOL Deb.
    In my world every time my son’s girlfriend turns up my 2 yr old plonks the potty down next to her and uses it! What AM I to do? I have to say “Oh good girl, well done!” But honestly!!!!
    Fortunately the young lady takes it all very well.

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