Day Trip to London (with Videos!)

As mentioned in the previous post, Wondergirl turned 18 years old yesterday. To celebrate, Mum and Dad paid for us to go to London for a day trip on the Saturday before her birthday. We got up really early on Saturday morning, caught the train to London and spent the whole day there, not getting home till about 11pm that night. We crammed loads in as we didn’t want to waste the opportunity….when we first got to Euston we went to get the tube to Waterloo so we could go on the London Eye. It was a really enjoyable experience going on the Eye…before we went on it we had to go through a 4D experience, hence the picture in one of the videos, featuring Mum and Wondergirl wearing massive black 4D specs!

It was a drizzly day and quite foggy so the views were not the greatest, but  we still got to see quite a lot as we ‘flew’ in one of the pods on the London Eye. After that i think we made our way to Knightsbridge as we wanted to visit Harrods. Mum bought us lunch in Harrods and also bought a gift for all three of us from Harrods too. Let me tell you luvvies, you all know i’m a bit of a foodie right? Well, Harrods food halls are incredible, packed full with gastronomic delights.

Talk about a pleasurable shopping experience….as we rode up the escalator a lady with the most beautiful operatic voice sang to us from a balcony.

On one of the floors there was a memorial to Princess Di and Dodi Al Fayed….may they rest in peace… (his Father is the owner of Harrods) to raise funds for charity, i took some pictures which you should be able to see in one of the vids below. I took a really naff camera with me as i didn’t want to carry my Nikon around the tube and on trains and we didn’t go to take photos anyway, though they are a happy byproduct of our visit. So they aren’t that good but i think they give an idea of the kind of day we had.

After we had been to Harrods i think we then made our way to the tube again (we went on so many i lost count!) to go to South Kensington to visit a shop we had heard about  that Mum had wanted to visit for quite some time, then afterwards we got a bit lost while we tried to make our way on foot to the Natural History Museum. LOL! We found it eventually though.

There were so many museums in the area that we would have liked to visit, galleries too….but there just wasn’t time because the last train home was quite early on in the evening. After the museum we went back to the tube to make our way to St. James Park…we had a right long walk to Buckingham Palace, trying to get there before it was dark…and would you believe the cheek of it….Her Majesty didn’t invite us in for a cuppa when we got there!

Afterwards we asked a policewoman for directions to Westminster Cathedral as it was dark and we didn’t want to get lost….we also wanted to get there for the 6pm Mass…well she directed us to St. Paul’s Cathedral instead so we did indeed get lost and ended up in a street where there were some dodgy goings on….

However, eventually, and with only minutes to spare, we did find Westminster Cathedral and were able to make it in time for the Saturday Vigil Mass (for Sunday). So pleased we made it, though if i am honest, i was not as overwhelmed by the appearance of the Cathedral as i had thought i might be.

Afterwards we had no time to waste as we had to get another couple of tubes back to the train station…then  after rushing to get there in time to catch the last train, there was a delay leaving due to someone having a fight on the train.  Fortunately it wasn’t in our carriage and we didn’t witness any trouble ourselves…though we did encounter quite a few ‘travellers’ and homeless people in London, in Westminster particulalry. God Bless them, please pray for the homeless.

The day after London, I drove Wondergirl and her friend to Alton Towers for a Halloween Fright Night….then on Monday (Wondergirl’s 18th)  Mum and Dad took us all out for a meal, so it has been quite an elongated 18th Birthday for Wondergirl…still, you’re only 18 once eh?

And she is so worth it!!! Thanks for your Birthday wishes for my daughter, your kindness is appreciated!

Hope you enjoy the videos below.

Video of Westminster- taken from the London Eye

Video of Squirrels Playing in St. James’ Park

Wondergirl’s Tube Station Footage

Video made up of our London Day Trip Photos

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11 Responses to Day Trip to London (with Videos!)

  1. Sarah says:

    One day I hope to see London through my own eyes!
    Again, happy birthday young lady! T’is only once you see and enjoy 18 – then you’ll be 19 and so on. Time flies!

  2. Therese says:

    love the videos Deb. Do you live very far from London?

  3. Fabulous! Very happy birthday to your beautiful daughter!

  4. Cathy says:

    What a grand time you all had!!! Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. It brings back wonderful memories of our trip to London 4 years ago to visit our children at Christmas in Norwich (Actually it was in Mundesly). Ron and I were able to spend a short day and a half in this lovely city. There was the Victoria Station, Tower, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly at Christmas, Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Westminster Cathedral and the beautiful view of the city from The EYE! Loved the Tube and riding the train. Laura and Roy were only a year in England, but if it had been longer we’d have been back in a minute!!! Thanks for the memories!!! Have a wonderful day!

  5. mum6kids says:

    Looks like a grand day out Deb. I haven’t been to London for YEARS. Must take the kids one of these days. But then we do tend to get to Edinburgh quite often-does that count? lol
    God bless.

  6. Suzanne says:

    Oh~!!! Thanks for sharing! This is what I love too about having such wonderful blog friends from all over the place! I feel like I just took my own little trip.
    I would have loved to have seen more of “our Deb,” but it was soo good to see your Mum too. She and your daughter are beautiful and you all three favor one another.
    How far is London and did you Dad go too? 🙂

  7. Suzanne says:

    A nice man who comes from London came into my card shop tonight. As soon as I heard the accent, I asked him where he was from..he said…”London.” I thought about you and your trip as soon as he left. 🙂 Such a lovely accent!

  8. Mary Lou says:

    Happy, happy birthday to your dear daughter! I pray that God will bless her life as she continues to grow! She is so pretty! But then, look at you and your dear Mother!
    And I am just back from London and I was thrilled to tune into your blog and see London! I absolutely love your city, but I will have to enjoy the countryside as you post your pictures of it.
    So happy to hear about your wonderful clebration. God bless you and yours!

  9. Suzanne says:

    Well, thank you for checking in with us, Deb..that’s okay. We’re all praying still. 🙂

  10. Thanks for sharing these fun photos. Your daughter is so lovely. My son turned 18 last month. Glad you had a nice time.

  11. DD is turning 18 in the spring. She and I are going to London for a few days in Feb (when she has the winter break) we are both looking forward to it. She’s really into history so we’ll do a museum thingie each day and of course shopping. Much of her Christmas money was given in pounds which means she can’t spend it here (luckily) … Miss Selfridges which she calls miss selfishness (grin) is first on her list to check out.

    Glad you and wondergirl had a fab day in London

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