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Make Your Own Fat Balls…

It probably would have been handy if I had posted this before winter, but well, better late than never eh? I’ve never been greatly interested in birds, but in Autumn 2009 I errected a metal bird feeder to encourage wildlife … Continue reading

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The Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions Prayer Cards for March 2010

Who knew i could be this organised every once in a while? The Holy Father’s Prayer Intentions Prayer Cards for the month of March 2010, are now available to be downloaded and printed. These may be used for your own … Continue reading

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Naffed Off

I never said i wasn’t uncouth. The first thing anyone should know about me is not to have ‘too-high’ exectations of me. Okay. That said. I know i said i wouldn’t blog personal stuff, but i need to vent. About … Continue reading

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Listen to me! No, really!

This is a bit random, but to hear my Lenten ramblings, click on the ‘play’ button below. You can probably expect more of these types of posts now i’ve figured how to do ’em. For you, that might not be … Continue reading

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Ukok Goes Postal

d’ya ever have one of those days?

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Brilliant Bargains – Say Cheese and Die…or maybe not.

It has been quite a while since I have posted one of my ‘bargain finds’ posts. I was fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time last week when I happened to be doing some grocery … Continue reading

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Christian Comment Moderation?

Well, not quite, but some time ago, i was typing  the above comment on Therese’s blog and the comment moderation word struck me as having an unlikely Christian leaning… Blogger’s computer-brain just needs to take a few spelling lessons. Therese … Continue reading

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